Denver Ribeiro

Denver Ribeiro: Designing For A Cause

Denver Ribeiro from kick-starting his fashion journey from working at a laundry store to establishing his own company, he is powering through life with an inspiring vision. He has actively followed fashion trends and styles since his early days, however, doubts about entrepreneurship often clouded his mind.

Nevertheless, shunning jobs at Fortune 500 companies and giving wings to his ultimate desire, Denver launched “Baezati”, a lifestyle brand “where good designs meet good purpose”.  Indeed, Baezati has been at the forefront of addressing social issues like racism, the stigma around menstruation and much more. Besides, 10% of their sales go to NGOs working towards implementing change.

Know more about Denver’s journey and why you can feel proud to be a customer of Baezati in this quick chat with Storiyaan.

Denver Ribeiro

Denver Ribeiro: Designing For A Cause


Questions and answers

Can you share with us this story that made you realize your entrepreneurial skills?

Initially, I would reach out to influencers to be their personal stylist for free. With time, I started to learn more about various brands, materials and what fashion is. I think the hard work for so many years set off the spark to be an entrepreneur in me.

You started promoting a Statement T-shirt that addressed many social issues. What was the story behind this decision?

I have always wanted to help others in need as I am passionate about it. Whenever I travel, I see people helping the needy and I wonder why we are so skeptical about it in India. Therefore, I wish to spread the word about spreading love, peace and smiles and becoming the change

Being the founder of “Baezati”, what do you think makes your brand stand out?

Our designs and trends are inspired by the latest fashion trends. We also take customer’s feedback and suggestions to come up with quirky, chic and popular designs. In addition, 10 % of our proceeds are donated to various NGOs.

Where do you find inspiration for new collections and what fuels your creativity?

As we aim to highlight social issues, I keep myself updated with the daily news. The market research teams at “Baezati” conduct further research on digital platforms and keep in touch with NGOs for the same.

The dedicated team at “Baezati” fuels my creativity. We spend hours brainstorming and working day and night.

What do you find to be the most satisfying aspect of running a business?

I love helping people and being able to make a change. Every day is a challenge but I find satisfaction in the fact that I am responsible for creating jobs, hiring people and helping them in supporting themselves and their families.

Baezati has successfully administered 8000+ doses to underprivileged people. How did you manage to run the vaccination drive on such a large scale?

It was a challenge but we wanted to make it happen. We started with spreading the word and advertising on our Instagram and Facebook page. Additionally, to incentivize people, we offered free pro-vaxin t-shirts to everyone at the vaccination camps. I am elated to announce that the drives have been a huge success so far.

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