Deepali Rajoria – Discovering her way to Fashion

Deepali Rajoria

Deepali Rajoria - Discovering her way to Fashion

“Fashion and passion have been synonymous for me. Ever since childhood, clothes, colors, and designs have fascinated me. I’d even design my own clothes from scratch. My family and friends would be awestruck looking at the final outfits.

With their constant love and support, I was ambitious and wished to join a reputed fashion institution. But life had its own plans. My father is a government employee. So, when I told him about my love for clothes and designing – he dismissed the idea. ‘Business is very risky, why would you leave the opportunity to a well-settled job for something that may not even sustain’ he said.

Ultimately dad also wanted my well-being, he was right in his thought of school. So, I ended up preparing for R.O. (Revenue Officer) exams. However, a few months into it, I knew that preparing for UPSC could never lead me to a happy life that my parents had envisioned for me. My happiness only lied in Fashion. So, I finally mustered up the courage and went to my parents. ‘R.O. ki padhai ab mujhse aur nahi ho payegi. I want to open my own clothing line,’ I said. Dad agreed, but on one condition – ‘You’ll continue preparing for R.O. on the side’ he said. I obliged.

While I prepared for my competitive exam in the first half of the day, I went to the market and shopped for fabrics in the second half. My siblings played a huge role in help me multitask my way!  Soon, I realized – working on my brand gave me way more contentment than UPSC preparation ever did. And, to top that – a  few celebrities also sent me  messages on how much they loved my designs. The milestones that came along with Dee trunk are way beyond than I ever imagined. It’s been 4 months to the launch and already, I’ve been working on releasing my first collection! My dream is to open a store one day, and guess who’s most excited for it – Dad!

With that being said, I will soon appear for the entrance too. But, no matter what the mark sheet says, I know that there is only one end result to it – Dee Trunk is my priority and will forever be.”

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