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Deepa Kenny: Restating the Nutritional life

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Being determined for her long-dreamt career choice of nutrition, Deepa Kenny never backed off from her choice of path. Graduating in nutrition and building a career out of the same was one hurdle she overcame with long-lived motivation and dedication. Deepa Kenny stood always strong and willing to carry on with nutrition, she urged people to understand its importance and value in one’s life.

Follow up on her life’s journey from once being overweight to turning into a full-fledged nutritionist. Scroll down to know more about her aspiration grounds, daily struggles, lifestyle, and few tips to a healthy, nutrition-packed living in a uniquely curated QnA session with Storiyaan. Happy Reading!


Questions and answers

As a nutritionist, you must have come across all sorts of patients. What is the most common question that you get asked from time to time?

‘Should I avoid carbs?’ or ‘should I avoid carbs at night?’ are the most common questions I am frequently asked.

When did you realize your knack for nutrition and health and how did this career choice impact your personality?

I realized this in my final year of studying nutrition. I have become more calm, compassionate and a caring individual than I was before. There is a high level of self-love in me that motivates me to look after my own health and of others.

Could you provide us with sneak-peeks into your personal journey that led to your realization of the need for a healthy body and mind when you saw your health going downhill because of your catering job involving a lot of unhealthy eating?

I have always been that overweight kid who was called by names like “fatty”, “moti”, etc. and I never took my health seriously until I studied nutrition and understood how nutrition can change the quality of our lives. But eventually, I quit my job to work full time on my passion and from there my journey began to be the best version of myself.

A lot of people resort to fad diets and internet influencer advice when it comes to weight loss. What is your personal take on the issue?

Honestly, I feel worried as it can be dangerous.  But I also believe the times are changing and there is also a lot of good and valuable information out there that can be useful. But I always recommend consulting a qualified person as nutrition for every individual is very personalized and what works for you might not work for another.

You mentioned that you aim to transform your patients through sustainable lifestyle changes and healthy habits. Could you elaborate a bit on that?

 It is proven that many lifestyle disorders like hormone imbalance, diabetes, obesity are not caused overnight rather there was a force working for some time which eventually led to illness. This force is daily habits like eating patterns, physical activity, stress, sleep, etc. and when altered, can transform your health altogether.

How far do you believe a healthy psyche is responsible for a healthy body and how can we work towards it?

 I think it’s the other way round, a healthy body releases more endorphins (feel-good neurochemicals) that can be helpful in achieving a healthy mind. Poor nutrition, no physical activity, poor sleep will only worsen one’s mental health. So one should try to avoid it at all costs.

A lot of women fall victim to postpartum depression due to the changes in their body and weight gain and even resort to extreme routines to get back in shape. What would be your message to them?

 I would say be kind to yourself. It doesn’t matter what you weigh as long as you are healthy and happy. The pregnancy weight will go down eventually but this time with your baby is precious. Do not base your self-worth on your ever-changing body. You are more than that, your life is more than that.

A lot of people today are resorting to vegan food while many consider vegan meals to be insufficient when it comes to the body’s nutrition requirement. What is your opinion on this?

 Veganism is a personal and moral choice. It is a very personalized decision and is not better or worse. If it suits the purpose of your life, go for it, and if you love eating chicken that’s okay too.

How did the digital platform act as a boon for you to promote your cause for a healthier lifestyle?

 Oh! it’s wonderful sharing my knowledge here and helping people. I also get to motivate people to transform their lifestyles and live a healthy life so I can say it’s a win-win for me.

You have transformed more than 1000 people across the globe. What do you believe is the most important factor that helps you connect to your clients and understand them in order to provide them with more efficient solutions?

 I think their willingness to seek help to change their lifestyle is what connects me to them and makes me given them my best. It is not possible for an unaware or unwilling person to bring any change even if there is plenty of help.

In your experience, what have you found to be the best method of motivating people towards fitness and a sustainable lifestyle?

Putting the correct information on the table, educating them about nutrition and fundamentals of health is the best method to motivate people as well as keep them healthy in the long term.


a. A healthy breakfast consists of: Lots of energy to start the day (fruits) and protein.

b. One word to describe health and nutrition: Vitality.

c. The worst nutrition advice you have ever heard someone receive: To stop eating fruits!.

d. Your greatest motivator: My husband Savio Kenny.

e. Craziest diet you have ever heard of: I think a keto diet is very extreme and crazy for me.

f. One food item children must never skip unless they are allergic to it: Curd and Nuts.

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