Chokhat: Delivering happiness to you!


Delivering happiness to your Chokhat!

“While I always longed for a brand of my own, I didn’t have any plans of launching it until 2023 at least. Having the responsibility of my family’s finances on my shoulders, I kept shifting jobs.

However, things changed when I turned up for my 3rd job. It was only my 2nd day at work and I went blank. Despite numerous calls from my boss for finalizing the designs, I couldn’t gather myself to get up from my chair and walk into his cabin. Out of the blue, I had the grit in me to launch my brand and I entered my boss’s cabin with a resignation letter instead.

While I was excited about the new beginnings, a part of me was in denial as well. Having no clue of what the future held and being jobless for the first time in my life, I cried myself to sleep that night. While the next day bought in a lot of what if’s, I decided to give this a try, and that’s how we launched Chokhat.

While my ultimatum was to trade in furniture, I didn’t have enough funds and decided to start with house articles instead! Just as our title suggests, we anticipate being an integral part of every household. I’ve always believed in celebrating nature, and at Chokhat we aim to present day-to-day furnishings with our unique twist.

As things started to accelerate, overcoming the inertia from the Kaarigars was quite a turmoil, ‘ While some of them were in rebuttal to go against their ego and follow a woman’s instruction, the rest refused to design animal look-alike products going against their beliefs. Finding the perfect craftsman had become the motto of my life and finally, after 7 months of exploration, I found my perfect match!

Ab toh designs bhi thee our Karigar bhi, but finding a large amount target audience was still a task. I remember giving myself a timeline that ‘ if I can’t flourish the company by December 2020, I’ll quit.’ We had a sluggish start but unlike others, the lockdown turned out to be a boon as people started to focus on minute furnishings, and the flourishing sales brought happiness and prosperity to my Chokhat as well! “

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