Chirasree Banerjee on Spiritual Wellness

An unconventional girl, young Chirasree Banerjee, experienced a spiritual awareness at the age of eight and since then she has found her life’s meaning and purpose in healing others with the help of her knowledge and experience. Quantum Integration therapistTwin Flame Awakening Therapist and Angel Healer, she is inspiring others to improve their inner strength and ensuring the impossible, positive changes in the life of her clients. 

It is not only her therapy sessions but also her books and courses that are enlightening the lives of many. “The Diary of A Stoner” her debut novel was released to much uproar and appreciation. An entrepreneur and a Good Samaritan, she has founded “Dash of Benediction” to bring happiness and joy to the deprived children. Read more about the metaphysical journey of Chirasree in this candid interview with Storiyaan.   

Chirasree Banerjee


Questions and answers

What marked the genesis of your spiritual journey and how did you come to adopt this spiritual way of life?

Since my childhood, I was an absent-minded child who was lost in her world. In 2002, at the tender age of eight, I experienced an awakening of the conscience of my heart. That incident made me introspect and soon I could feel myself having conversations with Jesus Christ. He has guided me to discover my mission and purpose and that made me adopt the spiritual journey of soul-searching as my lifestyle.     

You preach the idea of oneness - of Krishna and Jesus Christ. Did you ever find yourself conflicted in the roles of being a Krishna Conscience teacher and a Christ Consciousness?

The Bhagavad Gita talks about transcending the conflict to surrender to God and to create your realityIn a way from Genesis to Revelation we are also moving from the projections, expectations, separation, judgement , rejection to acceptance and oneness in God.In this sense, The Bible and The Bhagavad Gita both talk about acceptance and oneness of God. So I have always believed and preached that there’s one God, one Truth and one Love. Thus, Krishna and Christ are one according to my belief. 

What made you choose the name Quantum Dynamic 8 over the previous name Twin Flame Propel 11 and what significance did they hold for you?

I was initially working with Twin Flame Relationships, however, I realised that Twin Flame is just a type of relationship and there are several other dynamics of relationships, careers or preferences that exist, even if one person prefers it. This lead to the birth of the name “Quantum Dynamic 8”. Moreover, I do Quantum Integration Healing with molecules that are further related to the quantum field so that also inspired this name.

What made you seek religion instead of medical therapy for PTSD and what would be your message to those suffering from the same?

I believe in the oneness of God which is above religion. Psychological therapy, Quantum Integration therapy, Twin Flame Awakening, Ascension Symptoms and Spiritual Awakening symptoms are all the same; I chose shadow work integration to heal the layers of wounds and the fear or paranoia that trauma causes because it brought miraculous change. I surrendered myself to the Almighty and it was He who cured all my trauma and distress.  

My message to everyone is that God is the Creator of miracles but the preferred method of therapy depends on the person and their preference.  

When and how did you realise the latent entrepreneurial streak in you and how did you cultivate it to suit your ideologies?

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and dreamt big. I am a God-made entrepreneur because I have seen my entrepreneurial path unfold in a perfect alignment with how I felt it in my heart. It is God who gives me the strength to keep going every day, propelling me to live the impossible life. 

Tarot Reading is an art associated with the Western pagans. What developed your interest in the same and when did you have your first acquaintance with Tarot?

I have been an intuitive child and my predictions came true even as a child that developed my initial interest. So, when I was raising funds to expand my business, I wanted to learn new skills and chose Tarot Reading as a profession. 

It is mentioned that your life’s purpose is Quantum Integration Therapy specialised in VAK intelligence expansion - that aligns you back to the source consciousness. Could you elaborate a bit about that?

Quantum Integration Therapy Specialised in VAK Intelligence Expansion is a theory that alters your perspective on a molecular level and thereby allows you to dive deeper at the root core point of suffering and thereby bridge the gap between suffering & liberation to transcend to a destination to create infinite possibilities. It is a system beyond structure based on purely molecular integration. Quantum Integration Therapy VAK Intelligence Expansion is a modality that I was inspired to develop and coin the term to after studying and performing plethora of modalities. 

How did you conceive of the idea for your debut novel – “The Diary of a Stoner” and how far is it drawn and inspired from real life?

I wrote the book in 2016 when the idea of getting stoned and the love for marijuana was at its peak. Along with the fact that I could talk about the goodness in cannabis and challenge the taboo; the Hindi song “Manali Trance” which released that year, gave me the nudge to write a book on this topic without inhibitions.  

It is drawn both from real-life experiences and my imagination as I wrote that book from the point of view of a stoner. 

What led to the formation of “Dash of Benediction” and what moved you towards the cause in the first place?

Dash of Benediction started in December 2014.  My love for children and desire to spread the love and blessings of god made me want to do something for underprivileged children. Initially, I used to distribute chocolates, food amongst homeless children. Later, I shifted to collaborating with Cuddles Foundation to help children suffering from cancer with funding for holistic health, care and food 

Has there ever been a life-changing clientele experience that you can share with us? How does Angel Healing help those who seek it?

Each experience has been fascinating. I have seen miracles, instant healing, reconciliation of old lovers, rekindling broken marriages. I have experienced sessions where my clients have healed from chronic lower back pain in an hour, deep physical scars have healed in three days. When we work with Ascended Master like Jesus Christ, anything can be possible and the results are breath-taking. 

Angels to me are Angels of Gods and Angel Healing or any form of healing works in the same magical way. It’s the belief in your inner strength and God. If we strengthen our belief, we will experience magical healing and enhancement of our life.  

Quick 5

1. Spirituality means giving up all your earthly delights. True or False?: False.

2. The Greatest Myth regarding Angel Therapy: That, Angel Therapy is Demonic.

3. The biggest misconception people have about your work: That I am a fortune-teller and I can narrate destiny.

4. One Secret Talent most people don’t know that you posses: That I am an instant healer who can shift your consciousness in less than thirty minutes to a state that you desire that too permanently.

5. Your daily mantra: Thank You, God. I love you Jesus and Thank you for being my best friend. I love you a lot for everything and I surrender on to you . I know I’m safe because I’m constantly co-creating my own universe with Jesus & He’s in us all and we are in Him.

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