Chavi Agrawal- The Ace Entrepreneur

Meet Chavi Agrawal– a woman entrepreneur from IT paving her way towards success with motivation and a strong will. She developed an entrepreneurial talent in her early childhood days and is now outshining others in the tech industry with her seamless organizational setup.

From being an entrepreneur to providing employment to 10,000 others, Chavi Agrawal has undoubtedly set the entrepreneurial bar on fire. Get to know more about her firm- CView, its origin and growth, and her journey throughout in an exclusively curated interview session with Storiyaan.

Chavi Agrawal


Questions and answers

What sparked the fire of entrepreneurship in you, and how did you recognize this latent talent in you?

Throughout my entire childhood, I was encouraged to do more, take more risks, and think out of the box. I believe half my journey towards entrepreneurship began once I understood what I had to do. The fire to be an entrepreneur and the urge to create something tangible for people around me led me to pursue a Master’s degree in Innovation Entrepreneurship and Financial Technology from Imperial College, London. This was when I realized the entrepreneurial talent in me.

You have worked in eminent start-ups and one of the Big4s in the field of Mergers and Acquisitions. How did that act as an experienced provider for the late phases of your career?

Working in different organizations and organizational cultures opens up your horizon & it also gives you a chance to understand different work styles.

When it comes to working in start-ups, it gives you a sense of responsibility & teaches a lot of initiative in you which gives you a lot of own-ness to carry & makes you highly responsible. This is how it helped me in my late career phases.

When you initially started CView, what hurdles and setbacks you had to encounter, and how did you overcome them?

There were many. Lack of funding, less exposure, and capturing the market or building credibility, in the beginning, were challenging. Being a woman, people tend not to take me as seriously because a woman in tech is not expected quite often and seen as new. I had to put in an extra effort to make them understand that I am here to stay.

And my answer to the challenges is to be at it every single day- morning to evening working towards the goal, doing the SEO & building a digital footprint for Cview, which stands for itself.

Tell us about how you organized your workforce so as to bring your vision to reality?

We started as a one-man army where I was streamlining and doing all the tasks for Cview. Gradually, I started sourcing for fresh talent in the organization, which started with hiring campus ambassadors who turned into interns and then to full-time employees & then we started hiring the top management for our company. Most of the people that we initially hired are still working with us because of the vision and working culture of Cview. Only the people who are very ambitious, hardworking & determined resonate with Cview’s entire organizational culture.

What, according to you, has been the greatest contributor behind the success of CView?

The greatest contributor behind Cview’s success has been three things-

  1. The consistency and determination of the entire team to come up with better work every single day.
  2. Integrating technology- which has been an integral part of the recruitment system.
  3. The entire leadership structure that we have created in our organization has helped us work in an effective manner & helped produce excellent results.

You have helped more than 10,000+ people land their dream job. Could you perhaps tell us a bit about that?

CView believes that there is nothing more rewarding than making a difference in the lives of people. We have helped more than 5 lakh women all across the globe, and we have also been chosen as the official mentoring body for 10,000 underprivileged college students by the government of India. Along with this, CView has also hosted pro-bono webinars for women along with ‘back to school’ webinars for students of class 12th as well as for over 500+ students studying in different Government colleges all across India, Tanzania, Nigeria, Nepal, and Bangladesh to educate them about the importance of an ATS compliant, effective CV.

How effective is the CV for selecting a candidate for a job, and could you tell us in-depth about your software?

People should understand that CVs are not just a representation of their professional skills but also describe who they are as a person. CVs need to be unique, customized & personalized according to the job position one is applying for.

Ms. Agarwal develops our in-house Application Tracking system with a database of more than 1,00,000 CVs as Robust as any MNC’s ATS tool. All CVs curated by CView are end-to-end ATS compliant and have a minimum ATS score of 90. Therefore, we aim at building CVs right from scratch through our Profile assessment sheets to retain the essence of their unique journeys.

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