A kaleidoscopic world – Celine Joels

Celine Joels is a digital creator, a globetrotter and an artistic soul. She has been following her dreams by travelling and creating content, and has experienced the dynamism of life and lives around her.

A lover of shapes, she goes in depths of sacred geometry and is a sleuth at heart. In a recent interview with Storiyaan, she pours her heart out and tells her story to the world.


Questions and answers

You quit your job as a flight attendant to travel more and explore places along with its culture. What is it about traveling that fascinates you?

I don’t like being in one place for too long. When I was a flight attendant, I did get the opportunity to explore most of India; however it was all quick travel. What I really craved for was slow travel which isn’t about skipping the touristic places and popular destinations. I want to travel by immersing myself into in depth experiences of locals, by taking my own time to grasp everything around and enjoying even the smallest meal with the locals I meet, to share my experience with them and listen to theirs. To learn from them as much as I can about their pride, about their thoughts and opinions. To learn about their ancestors, to be curious about their history. That’s what fascinates me about travel the most.

We saw your recent post about crop circles. What is your take on mysteries that's so interestingly real in this world?

I think one of the reasons I enjoy mysteries is because I love trying to figure out the answer to a paradox. It’s an escape from reality, in a sense, simulated reality which I am in control of in my mind. The most captivating topics to me which are hard to put down are Aliens and Crop Circles. I feel may be some higher dimensional being is trying to send us a message through geometric patterns. 

Tell us about your interest in making dreamcatchers. Do you plan on expanding this into a full-fledged business along with your travelling plans?

I have been practicing my art in 2 dimensions and wanted to see how I can explore it in 3 dimension dynamics too. This is how the dreamcatcher project came about during the Coronavirus lockdown. I am going with the flow as of now. I am never going to stop making Dreamcatchers, if the universe wants to turn this into a full fledge business. Travelling and making art is my passion and I will continue to do so whichever part of the world I am in.

Tell us about Celine's Aesthetics. How and when did you decide to create this page?

I love how colorful and vibrant India is. I want to the show the world how India is rich in aesthetic and Celine’s Aesthetic is a story I wish to share with the world. I think that’s what photography is all about. They say we take photos as a return ticket to the moment otherwise gone. I really wanted to dedicate a separate page, so that I can go back to those colorful moments I have clicked to be thankful for how my colorful memories.

What part of India do you find the most vibrant and colorful? Why?

I cannot put a finger on a particular place that is the most vibrant and colorful. Time spent in any part of India has a therapeutic effect on you. Our cells absorb color, and this affects us on every level, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Each color has a different frequency, thereby having a different effect on the body. Since India has so many colors it definitely will resonate with the main energy centers of your body. No wonder the world loves India so much!

Tell us about your experience in traveling in the North and how it contrasts with that of traveling in the South. In your experience, what are the main differences in terms of culture?

There isn’t much difference hospitality wise. Every time I go back to a particular place whether its north or south, I am still learning about new cultures and roots people belong to. There are a variety of different cultures you are exposed to, however in brief, if you travel South, you feel like you are home away from home. Nonetheless when you travel North, you will be treated as royalty and yet you will feel indivisibility and harmony in its entirety. 

Tell us about your most exciting and fascinating travel story.

It was my birthday when I travelled with my dear friend. We climbed from Barsheni for 4 or more hours to reach Tosh. At 1:30am I went to the darkest place in the mountains with a fellow star gazer. Suddenly I saw a yellow light flying by and I kept my eyes peeled. I saw this white Bio luminescent bird. It took a flight and sat on a tree and his glowing light went off. I went back home and looked it up but in vain. The next year I saved up money and travelled again to Himachal for 2 months. I met a 70 year old local who told me these rare and beautiful birds do exist. They call “Khoksha” in Pahadi (mountain) language.

Why do you think art, in any form is important in one's life? What form of art fascinates you? How has it impacted your life?

I have found freedom in art, like some kind of madness which you cannot hide. It gives the mind scope to reach places you didn’t know existed. For me, making sacred geometric patterns is satisfying on a deeper level. I consider everything art, even the outfit you wear, or the way you observe or perceive things is Art. I feel I have an old soul with young eyes, a vintage heart and a beautiful mind.

Walk us through your process of creating sacred geometric patterns?

The word ‘Geo-metry’ comes from the Greek words Geos meaning ‘Earth’ and Metron meaning ‘to measure’. It’s a geometry of consciousness. I have always been mesmerized by the deeper meaning of the hold art has on us and how it impacts us on a cellular level on practicing it. It’s absolutely cathartic. I have been practicing it since 2016 and understanding the intricacies of this art helped me develop a profound connection with the universe. I started seeing synchronization signs and patterns in the universe. It’s a long way to go and I am on my way.

Often trips are constrained by resources. How do you plan a budget trip?

I have consciously made a habit of savings money every month just for my travels. Every 6 months I leave to explore a new place. When I reach a destination I make sure I don’t splurge on luxurious hotels. I stay at cost effective hostels and meet solo travellers and like-minded people around. The atmosphere at hostels are homely and fun. I volunteered and do work-away at different places in exchange for food and stay which help save a lot of money as well where I can stretch my travel plans to 3-4 months long. That’s how I plan my budget trips.

Which lore or folktale of a place has fascinated you the most?

I was in Jaiselmer in a dessert, sitting by fire with all the locals sharing their stories. In the ghost town of the city – Kuldhara, one day the Samant set his eyes on the chief’s daughter. Since the community could not decline the proposal, the Paliwal Brahmins, comprising of 84 families, planned a mass exodus from the village overnight. As they vacated the village, they left the town barren and cursed. It was fascinating to see how strongly they stuck by their principles. Since the 18th century till date no one has dared to live in that village again.

Quick 5

Favourite Artist of all time – Sorelle Amore.

Dream holiday destination – Iceland to see the Northern lights & climb the highest mountain

Love according to you is – Finding a way to my Soulmate.  

A myth you believe in – A Rosemary plant in your house can bring protection, prosperity, blessings and good vibes.  

A place you can spend the rest of your life without any complaints – The North, in the Mountains. 

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