Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat – Revamping Ayurveda

Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat

Bhuvneshwari Jadeja Shaktawat - Revamping Ayurveda with a touch of modern skincare

“All the older ladies in my family – mom, kakisa, my grandmother were always keen on skincare. Mom always used to say ‘ A healthy skin adds up to a healthier life ‘. Let it be my summer rashes or puberty breakouts, she always had an organic ‘nuska’ to my rescue.

Looking at her zeal, I started gravitating towards skin regimes from a very young age and what I started as habits eventually became my lifestyle.

I have always been very conscious about the well-being of my skin. It was more than a hobby to me and I always foresaw myself excelling in this field.

But with pregnancy and motherhood, I had very little time to cater to this dream. Having witnessed my desire my husband exhorted me to pursue this dream of mine.

I even flew down to Kerala for a course. And, as I returned back a certified skin coach, I started out by guiding my friends and relatives. I was chuffed to receive their exhilarating remarks after witnessing improvement and wellness in their skin.

On the contrary, I also received a lot of ‘ Is this even a job? ‘ but I believed that ‘when we can hire a trainer to get into shape, hire a stylist to look dapper, then why not turn to a pro when it comes to your skin?’ and kept going.

I even came up with the Beauty Workout which addresses the 3 areas of skin fitness cardio ( for skin metabolism ), strength training ( upliftment ), and nutrition.

Soon, my clients started expanding from my extended family to brides and to individuals I never knew. And all the ‘ What do you do ‘ started transforming to let’s do this again! ‘ I even launched my range of organic skincare products.

As a skincare coach, I’m here to give the guidance, encouragement, and sometimes the tough love that is needed to make real changes in your skin.

But, it is also important to remember that skincare doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t lose all those extra pounds with one training session, can you? The same with skincare as well – you can’t cleanse your skin once a week and expect results.

Skincare is a lifelong journey, your skin requirements will change as you go from your 20’s to 30’s and to 40’s, but trust me it’s a fulfilling one.”


Featuring – @bhuvneshjwarijadedjashaktawat for all of you wondering what is right when it comes to your skin – a skin coach like Bhuvneshwari is your go-to person. She will listen to you, analyze your skin, recommend the best products, guide you and hold your hand throughout the overhaul of your skincare routine.
Reach out to her at – @bonita.skinstudio

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