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Beauty Trends Spotted at the Met Gala

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Are you also a hardcore lover of makeup and beauty trends? Then definitely you wouldn’t want to miss some of the Beauty Trends spotted at the Met Gala 2021. 

Met Gala is always the talk of the town when it comes to high elevated dramatic fashion and beauty trends. One cannot help but idolise some of the artistic looks represented by the celebrities out in the front. 

This year was no different when we got to perceive some of the most astonishing and outstanding fashionable looks of the season. Numerous guest artists kept it top-notch with their fashion statements and at the same time procured some of the most magnificent beauty and makeup looks while coordinating with the theme of the event.

“In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” which expresses the culture of American fashion.

Darlings, it’s time to take out your makeup brushes and hair tools. We are up for a fashion frenzy ride!

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  • Rock It Like Gigi 

Our classic blonde beauty was seen addressing the red carpet in a relinquishing gown designed by Parada, with Auburn burgundy hair colour slicked up in a high ponytail clipped together with an enormous studded pin. 

Coming to her makeup, she painted her eyes with a light blue pastel eyeshadow. For your information, that pigmentation was personally curated by herself. It might sound surprising but our blond bombshell is an artistic genius with accumulated knowledge in various fields. 

Back to where we were, yes the eyes! To provide a tint of heightened aura Gigi carved a beautiful black cat eyeliner and complemented it with a black mascara which cast a very hypnotising charm to it. No lipstick or how blush? Is that even possible, lastly she incarnated her complete makeup look with a subtle and pleasing charisma through nude simple lips and light peach blush? 

Personifying the elegance of her dress and the boldness of her charming personality.

  • Peg It Like Cara 

Looking for something out of the world and extraordinary, then nobody does it better than Cara Delevingne. This time was no different when Cara appeared on the red carpet in her Peg the Patriarchy white shirt coordinated with white pants designed by Dior accompanied by a pair of statement heels. 

She gave out a strong message for the upliftment of women empowerment through her artistic attire. Which she contrived with a relinquishing makeup and hair trend. She strutted her eyes with glittery plum colour eyeshadow and defined the pigmentation into a cat-eye silhouette with bits of detail under the eye. 

You might be wondering what magnanimous shade to pull off? But honestly, it is actually very easy. She accompanied her look with a light pink eyeshadow and light pink lipstick which in turn exaggerated her look and accounted to attain a dynamic standing which was well intended to achieve through her style.

How can we forget hair styling? Finally, she completed her look with wet hair which presumed to rage her look.

  • Sculpt It Like Maisie 

Maisie Williams, the iconic artist starring in the famous Tv drama Game of Thrones, debuted her take on the Met with one of the most experimental looks of the night. She inspired her styles from a dark illustration of The Matrix, accounting to her to scheme a perfect look of a gothic goddess. 

She fixed her outfit with a black gown, mesh sleeves and black crystals adorning her long train. Which has come to the knowledge that the dress was designed by Maisie herself. Isn’t she an alluring charisma of talent? Well her look couldn’t be accounted for for the fair deliverance of the style if not for her bold beauty and hair trend. 

Originally Maisie is a blonde beauty who took matters into her own hand and sculpted her hair with a black Medusa lookalike hairdo. All the while bleaching her eyebrows, a charm which only a few can pull off. While her glam makeup look was categorised as a mint green eyeshadow accompanied by a winged black liner and a brownish mid-tone blush on the cheeks. 

She esteemed a final look with dark lipstick and a mover of brownish burgundy tone. Which charmed to recreate the up style trend she opted for.

beauty trends
  • Glam It Like Lorde

Looks like Lorde hypnotised the Met Gala with her stunning look consisting of a two-piece embellished design by Bode. She manifested this grandeur look with magnificent headgear. 

The headgear was illustrated with shiny beads and pearls personating a crown as majestic as that of a queen. Whilst she accompanied her hair open cultivated in headgear. 

She cast a simple makeup look with a soft pink flush and light rosy lips and subtle touches of pink blush at the rear corner of her eyes, with a slight sprinkle of the pink tone on her eyelids. 

Resulting in her retrieving a royal glorious fashion statement for the night.

  • Illusionist It Like Whitney

Looks like our favourite girl from the sets of Gossip Girl 2.0, Whitney William marked her presence at the Met with her studded black Chanel gown. Well her apparel was definitely lavishing but it was her makeup look that charmed the whole aura of her look. 

Whitney stunted a simple dewy makeup look with glossy nude pink lips while her eyes adorned an optical illusion with traditional neon green liquid eyeliner which she customised to create a dotted lash line. But if you perceive it closely it gives a three-dimensional setting to it. 

Our black beauty completed her look with fluffy hair, for which she created a volume through matte texture spray. 

In all her attire and elegance cultivate the aesthetic of the American fashion culture.

Did you also fall in love with some of the most spellbound looks of the night? Then don’t just wait, get down to your vanity and try out some of the beauty and hair trends of the night. 

You might never know how easily and efficiently you can manoeuvre these looks and look as elegant and charming as the high queen coming right through the sets of the Met Gala.

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Do tell us in the comment which one of them is your favourite look?


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