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Attorney by Profession, Artist by Passion

Attorney by Profession, Artist by Passion

“I am a lawyer by profession with a flair for art and craft. The lockdown was an eye-opener for me since I stumbled upon something called Resin art and gravitated towards it. I live in Modinagar, UP and I don’t have access to a lot of resources. However, I managed to attend a workshop and made my first piece of resin art. After this, there was no looking back.

To enhance my creativity, I also polished my calligraphy skills and practiced oil painting in my spare time. Since I was working from home, I decided it would be a viable option for me to turn my passion into a career for the time being. I started by first changing the name of my Instagram handle since I’m an attorney by profession, who is trying to venture into the field of art, I named my page ‘Attorney of Arts‘.

Once this was done, I ordered all the materials I needed and began to experiment. At this point, the sky was the limit. However, I was extremely nervous about putting my work out there, since there are tonnes of competition in the market. However, I realized that the passion and love I have for what I do is all that matters.

The turning point for me was when I started selling customized pop-sockets and phone covers; I received tremendous amounts of love for my designs, and this encouraged me to keep creating. I have also come across incredibly understanding customers; one of them was so kind to me when a cover they ordered cracked in the process of de-moulding, and I was almost in tears. This incident taught me to keep working through a crisis. I am still in the process of experimentation, and I love trying my hand at new forms of art and designs.

Looking back, I am over the moon with the progress I’ve made with ‘Attorney of Arts’. It has been my life-long dream to gain recognition through something I have built from scratch. To me, ‘Attorney of Arts’ is just that, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

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