Avani Agasti: That First Step of Courage is All That it Takes

Avani Agasti

Avani Agasti: That First Step of Courage is All That it Takes

Having an airline job in the Middle East Airlines and getting to travel the world, bought me even closer to myself. While I had a well settled life back in Dubai, it wasn’t what I wanted in the long run and that’s when I decided to give up my job and pursue fashion.

On my way to explore myself, I came across a styling course offered by NIFT Mumbai and gave it a shot. Little did I know that what I started as a hobby would become my life.

While I found my perfect career match, it hasn’t been a cake walk, there have been instances when my looks didn’t turn out well because of the makeup or the hairstyles of the models. Seeing all your hard work going vein scumbs you, but that’s how the fashion industry is!  I decided to become a certified makeup artist when I realised that make-up is something that interests me even more. Fashion and makeup may seem like two different worlds, but to me they are art forms at the core.

While I’ve worked with many inspiring women like Mithali Raj, Hrishitaa Bhatt and Diganga Suryavanshi and what many may like to address as living a “dream life”; it wasn’t all hunky Dory back then. There have been days when my style was questioned, rejected, not received well; I’ve had my fair share of backlashes even when I decided to quit my airline job.

But it was the courage of giving up on what I didn’t want, that brought me closer to what was meant for me. All the days that I’ve had second thoughts about my career path have started diminishing now, all thanks to the lockdown.

A year ago, I was just a makeup artist and stylist, trying to gain work by putting out her style. But things have taken a turn ever since, while I still am a stylist, creating fashion content that is more relatable has been my goal, numbers have never gotten into my head, it’s the love I’ve received, that matters to me and yet again I am all set to take a ferocious step and make my own space in digital world, by creating content that is more relatable and beyond a “5 ways to style a white shirt”; I am all set to learn, fall and rise up in this new journey and affirmative that life will turn out to be in my favour once again.

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