Ashwini Salve-Animal Whisperer

Ashwini Salve

Animal Whisperer Ashwini Salve

Ashwini Salve an animal whisperer shares her story with Storiyaan. “My love for understanding animals started back when I had a pet Labrador called Simbo. He made me realize what animals think and feel.

My neighbor introduced me to someone who teaches animal communication via telepathy. It’s a known concept abroad, but in India, it sounds crazy to people. People often think I have lost it. But I have been trained in this by many renowned communicators around the globe. And it isn’t just with dogs. Over the years, I’ve spoken to birds and other animals as well. I could connect with animals in Syria, the USA, or even the UK.

Few of the best memories of my life are communicating with them. One that comes from a recent episode is of a parrot. It is one of my friend’s and the family adore the bird— always even leaving the cage open. But it never came out of it. She began thinking it was unhappy.

When I was called upon to speak to it, it turned out the only problem that the parrot had was that the parent called him Khadoos. He was very offended by that name. I told my friend this, and she was baffled. I told her to stop calling him that because he was hurt by it. Two days later, my friend sent me images of the parrot out of the cage, playing and eating.

But my biggest struggle has been with humans. We are an egoistic bunch who believe— if it’s our pet, it must obey us, no matter what! But that’s not how it works. Animals have their own will and emotions, like humans. Our approach to stray animals is negative. My job is like an interpreter of animals. But I try to make people understand the meaning of being an animal lover is not just loving their pet, but animals in general.

The best teachers I’ve had are animals. And what I’ve learnt is that they’re very forgiving. They always treat their parents with love, no matter what. They’re still forgiving, selfless, and full of compassion. And I wish they were treated that way too.

Animals are abused all around us, and if possible, I would like to spread the awareness of animal equality. It’s okay not to love an animal, but it’s not okay to abuse them. We cannot control nature and natural beings. And if we do, it will come back to us in suffering.”

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