Yayy Naturals – Ashutosh Singh

Yayy Naturals – Ashutosh Singh

My entrepreneurial ambitions germinated, after seven years of my experience in the e-commerce field. I met my co-founder while working for a startup. We both were well versed in the art of selling products, and we both saw a future in e-commerce. So we thought about investing in an e-commerce business would be a profitable venture. We started to design a product that would sell in the context of e-commerce. We targeted Gen-Z, as they were more probable to stumble upon our products online. Beauty products were an overpriced market which banked on insecurities to make a sale. We intended to break this practice. Offer them something authentic. Design a product which was naturally sustainable for them and not a chemically infused third rate product. As most of them aren’t employed, we fixed a price affordable for them. Also a name catchy enough for them to resonate with. After a bit of brainstorming, we came up with ‘Yayy’, a brand for beauty products.

We never backed down from our social responsibilities and our moral grounds whilst scavenging a deal that would suit us best. Us not yielding our morals put us in episodes of hardships.

Raw materials were expensive, and dealers weren’t reliable. Formulating the paste was hell. The ingredients won’t form a cohesive liquid and dilution became an issue. It took a while to find a stabilizing agent who wouldn’t blow the charts of our expenditure. It took us a year to finally set our company in motion because we wanted to imply the perfection we envisioned fully. We don’t have any premium scheme when it comes to our products.

Premiums are susceptible to downfall, as they are just a false sense of survival in the market. Our business was going good, but then the lockdown gave us another drawback. Our supplier of bottles was from China, so we had to find a substitute. Which was like a needle in the haystack as most of them were hoarded, prices hiked unreasonably. But our endeavour was fruitful, and we’re now focusing on hitting our milestones, which is 100 crores from online sales and five crores from offline sales. Our product has received a rave reception, and we’re hoping to conquer more as we progress. I feel as long as you live for the idea and not for the money, you have a shot at achieving greatness.

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