Ashna Dhanuka: A Low Profile Girl To A TedX Speaker

“I love to make a heart smile and help people with their life’s problems as I know what it takes to decide and gather that courage for change.”, illuminates Ashna Dhanuka.

Ashna Dhanuka is a Life & Confidence Coach who is introducing life-affirming changes to her clients. While talking about her profession, she readily explains why a Life Coach can be the perfect answer to your problems or worries. “A life coach helps you seek clarity, provide unbiased feedback and alternate opinions, and also guides and reassures you in your journey of change.” Apart from being the turning point in countless lives, she is a Motivational Speaker and was the Motivational Mentor of Femina Mrs. India 2021.

Read more about Ashna Dhanuka and her life in this informative interview with Storiyaan.

Ashna Dhanuka

Ashna Dhanuka: A Low Profile Girl To A TedX Speaker


Questions and answers

Can you enumerate for us the major factors that drove your interest towards a career as a life coach?

There was a time when I loved validation and appreciation from people as I thought it made me confident. This led to a realization that this need to be affirmed by others comes from my lack of self-assurance and self-confidence. At the same time, I started listening to motivational talks and realized I wanted to bring a positive change. Being a life coach is all about giving your best to help people break through their negative or unhelpful behaviours and patterns.

Growing up, did you ever feel the presence of someone who helped you achieve success like you do today?

Yes, I had my grandmother who gave me the much-needed nudge and guidance and showed me the direction of action I should take. She has been like a life coach, mentor and guide to me. Therefore, I believe she has been like a person who will always inspire me to keep going.

You are well versed with the level of concerns and the confidentiality that is needed while working with clients. How big a role does the confidentiality clause play in life coaching?

It plays a major role as your clients vent their hearts out so that you can help them. You cannot betray their trust in you. But more importantly, people can only trust you when you are honest not only to others but to yourself. Once I started keeping my promises, I was able to build trust with my clients too.

As a motivational speaker what is your regime to prepare yourself before a show?

I practice the formula SSP before any show talk or workshop. The formula is that I stay in a silent environment before the show so that my mind is calm and my mind and heart are aligned with each other. The more focused I am the better I can deliver. And importantly, smile as it gives me a lot of power. When these two are done right, I hop on for the presentation by being present.

Can you tell us what turned out to be the greatest highlight of your TEDx talk “Mompreneurs”?

My talk as a mompreneur was all about encouraging the most respected professionals in the universe that are the moms to know what they are good at. This ensures that they can master their skills and finally turning their passion into successful income-generating businesses.

Can you tell us about some of the most memorable moments from your experience being the Motivational Mentor for Femina Mrs. India 2021?

Being a part of Femina Mrs. India as a motivational mentor was an experience that gave me friends for a lifetime. The contestants showed so much respect love and trust in me that it gave me the encouragement to do better each day. Likewise, I am still in touch with many of them and the bond is priceless.

What was one of the major impacts that your talk with Laxmi Agarwal had on you and what was the most memorable moment from that session?

Laxmiji is an amazing person and an inspiration for all. The way she stands for women empowerment especially when it comes to acid victims my heart goes out to her. She is also humble and grounded and leads the way with grace and confidence.

The most memorable moment from the session with her was the way she took an active interest in the conversation and shared her journey with me enthusiastically. It remains an incredible conversation to date.

You recently produced and performed in the motivational pop song “Badlega yeh waqt”. Can you tell us the story behind this song’s inspiration?

The pandemic disrupted the world and everything went to a standstill. These uncertain times saw people seek positivity, good vibes and genuine bonds. Hence, I decided to spread positivity and motivation through my song and give hope and faith to people.

What has been the post-covid impact on your professional life and How are you adjusting to the changes?

Life has become more virtual professionally and that has its share of beauty. It’s all about how you sink into the new normal. I believe acceptance is the key and we should welcome the change with grace to keep going with grace. Therefore, I have nothing but gratitude for the life-changing circumstances that have taken place since last year.

Quick 5

1. One book that you recommend to your clients – The Ant and The Elephant: Leadership For The Self Book

2. Your greatest achievement according to you – Breaking through the fear of being judged and ‘log kya kahenge’

3. What is next on your bucket list? You will get the news soon

4. A recurring problem you have witnessed in your clients in the post-covid scenario – The fear of not bouncing back stronger

5. The best part about your job – To be in the service of humanity.

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