Ashish Kumar : Around The Country on Two-wheels

To someone who is not exposed to the thrill and utter satisfaction of riding along the perilous terrains of India, bike-riding might seem bonkers. But it is only to the adventure-seeking riders who have embraced the ebb and flow of this adventure sport that nothing is more energizing.

While explaining his love for travelling Ashish Kumar pleasantly says, “When you are driving a car it seems as if you are watching a movie and when you ride a bike it feels like you are in the movie.” “with #MadeMyLifeARide

Letting his instincts guide him, he has landed on several escapades to its benefit. Discover the challenges and fears that he overcomes every day to embrace his ‘traveler life’ in this conversation with Storiyaan.

Ashish Kumar


Questions and answers

What were some of the unfortunate incidents that occurred when you initially began riding to higher altitudes?

Accidents occur even to the best of us. In 2019, I had met with a severe accident while on a solo trip where my bike was heavily damaged. Similarly, I fractured my leg from an accidental bike fall on a trip to Goa.

How do you deal with sudden rainfall during over-landing when there is no shade/shelter available?

I travel with necessary tools and protective shields but torrential rainfall hinders the journey. I construct a make-shift shelter whenever necessary and have learned to proceed without any professional help with my experience.

What do you consider the greatest highlight of your Himachal trip?

The greatest highlight of my Himachal trip is the 45 days unplanned extension which was actually a 4-5 days plan. The cold weather, the kind souls and the feel of being surrounded by mountains remain unforgettable.

How do you plan a new adventure and how do you find the ideal route?

I keep my adventure spontaneous, with only an unknown destination in mind. My passion to discover the hidden gems and uncharted terrains keep me from planning an itinerary.

What are your major takeaways from Jay?

Jay’s riding methods and mentorship have helped me undertake more adventurous routes and trips. However, my knowledge about maintenance and care for bikes comes from Jay. He developed my fire for riding.

What would be your advice to solo female travel bikers that you think might come in handy?

My advice will be to conduct adequate research on your scheduled route. Know both- the good and the bad review about the route. Familiarizing yourself with the experiences of others can also do the needful.

What does it take to be a good biker? What are some major skills that the biker in you adorns?

The key to being a good rider is to have an indomitable spirit. Never give up and fear injuries and accidents. I appreciate bikers that have the yearning to learn, proceed, take risks, live in the moment, and not let the fear of the unknown jeopardize their riding spirit.

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