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Art Fort

“Art has always been a part of my life. Even during my school days, I’d look forward to the commercial art classes rather than math or science! Although, not everyone around me understood my love for art. People around me would often say, ‘Art is just for time pass, it is not an actual subject’.

But back home things were different. Mom and dad knew how much it mattered to me. They’d even encourage me to take up different art classes and improve my skills. Every time I made a new painting or learned a new skill, they’d be the first ones to bid!

However, things took a turn when I entered college. Everyone around me said ‘Art can never earn you a job’. And Mom Dad were partly inclined towards it too. ‘There is no harm in having a backup plan’ they said. But, I was well aware that they’d wish the absolute best for me. So, I took up B.Sc.

Although, a few weeks into college and I knew that I didn’t belong there. A room filled with colors, paints, and sketches is where I belonged. And no matter how harshly my choices were going to be questioned, I knew that art was the only choice I wanted to make. So, after college, I finally landed myself a job as a teacher at an art studio!

While I was finally able to bust all the ‘Art can’t earn you money’ talks; working in the studio made me realize how badly I wanted an art studio of mine too. And after saving up for an entire year, I decided to start my own studio – Art fort.  Indeed, there was a lot at stake; I had invested all my savings in the studio, I had no experience of running a business. But, I had one thing to rely on – my art.

And just within a month, it all started to pay off. Soon, it wasn’t just the people who increased in numbers but we expanded into various art techniques and pottery too.

We have people coming in throughout the week and every time I look around it’s just art and joy!

There was a time in life when I wished to be surrounded by heart to which people said ‘Art can never buy you a home’ and now when I look back they were true. Art didn’t buy me a home, it rather bought me an entire fort.”

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