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“I think that Access Consciousness has given me more validation of my correct choices and empowered me about my actions. It made me feel comfortable in my skin and that is the strongest feeling of empowerment one can have.”, explains Aradhana. Aradhana Tewari is a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness, Relationship Coach, Life and Communications Coach, and Business Intuitive Coach who is metamorphosing the life of others and enabling them to search for power within.

Aradhana found herself in a lonely marriage and had a longstanding career in International Business Marketing and Media and Broadcasting but the “mundane corporate life” kept her dissatisfied. Presently, she has unlocked her truest potential and is the Founder of “Be The Change”, an initiative to transform people’s lives. She is also the author of a vibrant workbook and is facilitating several classes on personal growth. Discover the secrets of a healthy life, relationships and much more about Aradhana.


Questions and answers

Despite enjoying your roles in International Business Marketing and Media & Broadcasting, you found your purpose in access consciousness. How did you get acquainted with it in the first place?

My friend was studying the 32 Bars Access Consciousness and the subject seemed very unfamiliar to me. It was intriguing to know that it is not a process based on any religion or guru, I got interested and wanted to know more.

Can self-questioning be considered a form of self-therapy and self-actualization?

It is more about ‘questioning everything in life’ rather than just self-questioning. How asking questions can open more possibilities in life and help you know yourself better. The information you gather when you ask yourself the questions of who, what, how; will lead to self-actualization.

You had your fair share of dark days which made you realize that when you were in a place where you felt lonely and sad, it was for you to decide what you do with that situation. How did this knowledge turn out to be empowerment for you?

When I faced such days of despair, I knew that nobody could change me if I did not invest in that change. Consequently, I began using the tools and operating from questions rather than conclusions and eventually found empowerment with Access Consciousness.

When you conceived your first child, you went through a whirlwind of emotions where you felt unloved and not cared for and talked to your baby all the time. How did you find solace and companionship through a communication that was one-way traffic at that point?

It didn’t feel like a one-way communication because I knew I was being heard by my child. Talking to my baby felt like some energy was talking with me. Besides, this experience made me feel comfortable and contented with who I am and that is the strongest feeling of empowerment one can have.

When did you decide to help others in their path by guiding them through your book “Be The Change”, what does the book convey?

The book addresses ubiquitous existential questions which are commonplace in all our lives. Questions about life, joy, happiness accompany a mystery that I wanted to break. With ‘Be The Change’ workbook, I wish to bring awareness so that the journey of life while enjoying one’s truest self becomes easy.

Could you tell us something about your upcoming book on money consciousness?

Money is a common hindrance to people’s true potential and self. I wish to spread the word that people are the creator of money and that money revolves around them and not the other way round. This brought me to begin with my next book which revolves around earning money with ease and comfort.

Can you tell us about the most critical case that you handled as a relationship counsellor and how did the outcome prove to be satisfactory for you?

In relationships, differences occur when we have not worked on our own issues and problems. Every relationship I counsel is unique and brings subjective results so choosing one will be extremely difficult.

The success rate of couples counselling is dependent on several key variables. What according to you are the key factors and how big a role does the expertise and training of the therapist play in it?

The key factor is trying to make them “be themselves”. When you don’t aspire to imitate your partner and just be the way you are, relationships work better. The expertise of the therapist will play a part in showing that there are always plural narratives and perspectives. Pragmatic tools like- ‘what is true for me here?’, help people open up and be more vulnerable. This ensures you can provide the help they want.

What are some of the red flags that people must look out for that would indicate that it was time for them to see the help of a counsellor?

The biggest red flag is when they observe themselves and find that they are unable to be themselves. The moment you start forgetting who you are and what you love about yourself, then it is beneficial to seek a therapist.

As a life and communications coach, what are the most difficult aspects of dealing with an individual who has been stonewalling to avoid uncomfortable conversations or out of fear that engaging in an emotional discussion will result in a fight?

Seeking therapy is a step towards change. It shows one’s willingness to be open to change and conversation. If people find it difficult to ask for help/ support, open and safe communications with them have always been the key.

Quick 5

1. Your favourite way to unwindCall up a friend.

2. One book that has inspired you – Vedana Treatise, The Eternities by A. Parthasarathy.

3.How effective are self-help books? –Depends on the book and how well you go through it.

4.The biggest mistake people facing certain issues make in their process of Self-healing –They do not acknowledge themselves.

5. One work ethic you stick by at all times – Never give up, never give in and never quit. It’s like a ‘walking-talking meditation’.

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