Anuradhaa Minocha: Divine Blessing

“I believe spirituality doesn’t go along with being religious. In my opinion, it is a belief system that assists you to work on yourself and become better.” elucidates Anuradhaa.

Anuradhaa Minocha is a Tarot Consultant and Numerologist who guides people into harnessing a better version of themselves. She has always been a hand of help and feels deeply connected with everyone in distress. It was Anuradhaa’s interest in Occult sciences that eventually lead her to Tarot cards, numerology and the Law of Attraction.

Read further about her journey and discover the basics of Tarot readings in this candid conversation with Storiyaan.

Anuradhaa Minocha

Anuradhaa Minocha: Divine Blessing


Questions and answers

Having worked in a corporate environment, how did you first detect the inclination for spirituality in you and how did you harvest it?

Working in HR, I found out that I love giving them advice, listening to their issues or problems, and knowing their background. In 2018, I realized that more than working in HR, I wanted to get into counselling as I wished to guide people. Therefore, I wanted to help people that brought me into counselling.

What were the major factors that acted as your pillars of strength that enabled you to quit your job completely and follow your passion?

Although quitting my job wasn’t my choice, it was still a difficult phase. I had to leave due to my lack of interest in the corporate world and also because of the monotony. Moreover, I was clueless about the future. Hence, if not for my family’s support, I wouldn’t have the strength to be where I am today.

How did you first get introduced to Tarot Cards? Does it require any inherent abilities to master this trick or does it come with practice?

I already had an interest in occult sciences like astrology, numerology, and tarot. In 2019, after quitting my job, I visited a numerologist/tarot consultant who emphasised how I could be a tarot consultant or numerologist. This further instigated my interest and I began learning about it.

Yes, anybody can be a Tarot card consultant but I believe that people who are sensitive to energy and have good intentions to help people are favorable for tarot learning. However, practice makes you perfect so nothing surpasses that.

A spiritually inclined person does not necessarily have to be a believer. What are your opinions on that remark?

A spiritual person doesn’t have to be a religious person because spirituality doesn’t only work with religion. For me, spirituality is more about working on yourself, how you try to better yourself in any way. It is a belief system that makes you search for inner peace and humbles you.

Could you enumerate for us the areas you divulge apart from the Tarot reading?

Apart from Tarot card reading, I also have an interest in the Law of Attraction because it did wonders for me. I have multiple videos about the Law of Attraction on my YouTube channel, and my focus is to guide people rather than shortcut remedies.  Along with these I also practice numerology and all three are my forte.

What is the research methodology that enables you to bring forth innovative content and information for your followers to help them guide themselves better?

I do my research and read blogs or watch videos to gather information that would be useful for others. I follow up my research by applying them to myself. Everything I recommend is tried and tested. Thus, it is not only about the research but how well I inculcate them to eventually help and guide others.

Can you tell us a bit about the Tesla 3-6-9 video that you posted a few weeks ago and what did you want the viewers to take back from it?

This is a manifestation technique invented by Nikola Tesla, who believed in numbers and vibrations and called them the key to the universe. This technique helps you to fulfil your wishes and it is very powerful for the same.

I want my viewers to try this technique for their desires but do it with full faith and belief as it will help you to connect with the universe. It helps to coordinate your thoughts are your reality to focus on achieving your desires.

People often tend to lack proper knowledge as to what Angel Reading is. Can you clarify the same, while also stating some of its benefits?

I take Angel reading as daily guidance, of what message your angel has for you. There are many oracle angel cards and every card has a different message for my clients. Angel readings help you find clarity of thought. It can be helping to know what direction to take in your life, career etc. Furthermore, these messages and guidance are based on your current situation and are extremely helpful.

What would you recommend to a person willing to walk on the path of spiritual self-awakening but is unaware of where to begin?

I believe in two things; one, gratitude and two, attitudes. You need to be grateful for the things you have to want happiness. In addition, you should practice self-care. As you have to accept and love yourself completely to understand your and others problems. Thus, these are important aspects to start a spiritual journey.

What would be your advice to those who have been disillusioned by the loss of a loved one during the pandemic?

I think such pain is immeasurable and no advice will work. Having said that, I feel when you are grieving, the soul of the lost one also feels the pain. Therefore, it is important to seek their blessings, ask for forgiveness if we have ever hurt them and pray for their peace.

Quick 5

1. One book you recommend – The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

2. One misconception about your work – That it is similar to fortune-telling

3. One form of spiritual therapy you refrain from – Mediumship reading

4. Your daily mantra – I believe that everything happens for a reason

5. Your greatest motivator – My own self

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