Anuja Jadhav: A Vision To Grow Together

“Our ultimate goal was always predominant that product quality should not be affected at any cost.”, explains Anuja.

Anuja Jadhav is the Co-founder of “Kokos Natural”, a venture focused on providing organic and 100% natural products to customers across the country. Anuja, along with her Co-founder, Chirag Aggarwal started “Kokos Natural” in 2016 with a unified vision of educating and spreading awareness about a healthy lifestyle. Besides, they endeavor to assist the Indian farming community to grow and reach out to a greater customer base. With such a vision, “Kokos Natural” has travelled far and wide to source the best quality produce directing from the industrious farmers in turn enriching both the farming community and our food habits. Dig deeper into their products, aims and much more in this insightful conversation with Storiyaan.

Anuja Jadhav

Anuja Jadhav: A Vision To Grow Together


Questions and answers

What gravitated you to begin this saga with nutrition, health, and wellness and what kept you motivated at it?

The unifying vision to spread the magic of healthy living is what gravitated me to work in the field of nutrition and wellness. Organic eating can and has changed lives unimaginably, and we want to help more and more people experience that change through “Kokos Natural”. What has sustained this vision is partly the success we have had so far, along with the dream of the long mile we’re yet to cover.

Could you share with us the story behind forming “Kokos Natural”?

Chirag and I quit our jobs to pursue our passion for educating and spreading awareness about a healthy lifestyle. We noticed that farmers work tirelessly into producing organically potent products but, owing to their limited network, witness limited sales. Therefore, we aligned our dream of assimilating the organic lifestyle in India with the vision of helping farmers widen their reach.

What are the varieties in the food products offered by “Kokos Natural” and what are some of its best-selling products?

We offer an extensive variety of gluten-free flours, a range of immunity boosters, and a healthier option for salt and sugar. Our best-selling products have been Beetroot Powder, Himalayan Pink Salt, Organic Coconut Sugar, and more.

What do your recipes mostly aim at apart from providing healthier food alternatives and how do people with different ailments benefit from them?

We aim for ingredient replacement, not food. Therefore, our recipes allow people to continue having their favourite foods, only with nutritious ingredients. People with varying deficiencies can choose from a wide array of products to serve their needs. For example, Quinoa Flour can help people looking to lower the spike in sugar levels upon consumption, while our entire range of immunity boosters can help strengthen people’s immune systems.

“Kokos Natural” provides 100% organic food, how is the credence of the customers taken care of especially when they are buying for the first time?

We understand that we have to listen patiently to our customers. If our products help them treat the concern they approached us with, then they are sure to be satisfied and visit again in the future. Therefore, we pay attention to their apprehensions and offer them the most suitable products.

What were some of the setbacks you faced in the initial days of your journey and how did you overcome that phase?

Being new to the setup, it took us a while to find our feet. From figuring out the supplier to distributors and ensuring a smooth supply chain, everything was a challenge in the initial days. Every start-up encounters such challenges so we never caved in to the pressure. Moreover, extensive learning along the way helped us iron out these challenges, and here we are today!

What are the ways to reach out to your service for the customers who are interested in “Kokos Natural”?

“Kokos natural” is always accessible to engage with their customers. Our website is the one-stop solution for all their queries about any product or service. From our social media presence to our product catalogue, everything is easily available on the internet. In addition, anyone interested in reaching out can either connect with us on any of our social media platforms or contact us through the resources mentioned on our website.

What would be your message to the people letting them know about the importance of a proper diet plan and the nutrition in their diets?

One could say that a proper and nutritious diet can potentially help you live longer and healthier. From bones to immunity to muscles to all internal organs, there is nothing that a nutritive diet doesn’t impact. Not just biologically but physically and mentally, a rich diet improves memory, alleviates your mood, helps maintain a healthy weight, and the list is endless.

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