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5 Min Bit with Anmoll Szehgal

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A young astrologer Anmoll Szehgal, has successfully carved an online business with sheer effort and passion. She has been able to grab eyeballs at the nascent age of 24 in an industry where age-related experience and prejudice against women weigh heavy.
Anmoll has previously worked as a make-up artist for Punjabi movies and has a Post-graduation degree in Commerce. After dabbling with several business ideas, she decided to choose her childhood interest and discovered her calling. In this candid conversation with Storiyaan, this spirited lady acknowledges that it has been nothing short of a rollercoaster and spills some more beans on astrology, myths, and perceptions.



Questions and answers

What generated your interest in astrology at the age of 16 and how did you carry out your research in this field?

When I was a kid my mother and cousin used to study astrology that generated my interest. Later, my cousin introduced me to my mentor and since then there is no looking back.

Astrology has often been categorized as a “man’s world”; what was your strategy to make you mark and break this prejudice in the field?

I was very secretive about my talent in the beginning as I was aware of the prejudices. Everyone was skeptical about trusting a young girl but with time as I got better at my work, the challenges dwindled.

Even before you started your website or professional journey into astrology, you were providing your friends and family with your knowledge of astrology. How did their feedback encourage you at that point?

When my predictions started materializing, my friends were awestruck and wanted me to pursue astrology professionally. Their constant motivation, support, and feedback gave me the push I needed at the time.

You mentioned that you have had to deal with people who refused to believe in astrology and yet ask you tons of questions. What do you think lies at the core of such hypocrisy and how did you deal with them?

I think most people misunderstand the study of astrology. It is an ancient subject related to mythology, science, and planetary. Today, with the advent of modernization people want to dismiss and stigmatize such fields of study.

What are some of the changes that you would like to bring about in astrology so as to shatter the pre-existing misconceptions about astrology?

I have created a slogan by which I live – “Astrology is predictive rather than corrective.” I have always focused on changing misconceptions like astrology provides corrective measures. It can provide remedies as protection but that can only guide a person in their journey.

You have described astrology as a pseudo-science. Can you elaborate a bit on that?

By ‘pseudo-science I meant that astrology is a combination of mythology and science. It is not only a study of mythology or religion but also a study of constellations, movements of planets, and their effect on people. Like any other field of study, there are a set of rules and principles.

What is a message that you want to give out to our readers?

My message will be that everyone should view astrology as a tool of guidance. If anyone is stuck in their life, they should consider astrology not out of superstitions but as a bit of advice or direction. It is on the person seeking help to use any prediction for their betterment.

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