Anmol Sood: Dance, as they come

Dance, as they come— Anmol Sood

When I came to college, I learnt and explored the realm of Kathak. Though I was a dancer, I never knew that a form of dance could be so beautiful until I saw Rahul Sharma, my junior, performing his dance on college functions! I observed the steps and movements of these dancers in my college and absorbed the art form in me. I also watched a lot of YouTube videos to improve my dancing skills. But the most important contribution was made by Shri Kumar Sharma, my teacher, under whom I am learning right now.

People were not very happy with my decision. Being an engineer, and also a man, they expected more out of me and often disregarded my idea of taking dancing as a passion and profession. But the constant support from my parents, my group mates and supporters all around the world is what that helps me keep going!

During my first dance performance on the stage after I learnt Kathak, I was apprehensive of what I would make out my performance while sharing the stage with imminent dancers. However, in the end, I somehow drew the courage, and it went out well beyond expectations.

I have done several dance shows in the past four years, but the most eventful one was with A.R. Rahman, where I got to perform in live with him. The event was organized for the YouTube Originals, and the support and love from the audience were worth performing for. One of my dance performance in South Africa was an exotic experience, and the other dance performers really appreciated our dancing style and the familiar bond that they made with us is something that I will cherish throughout my life. Another memorable experience was to work with my Guru in managing his work in Super Dancer. I can go on and on talking about my experiences, but for now, all I want is to work hard and hone my skills and perform all around the world!

I have come a long way as I had decided not to give up my passion for other’s opinions or judgements. All you need to do is work hard, stay motivated and practice with all that you have in within.


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