Ankita Shrivastava: Conquering Life

If there’s a will, there’s a way! Ankita Shrivastava is an embodiment of this popular proverb and is leading the way towards achieving your dreams. She is an International athlete, Entrepreneur and TedX Speaker.

As an athlete, Ankita has won Gold and silver medals for India at the World Transplant Games by the Olympics Association. Her incredible achievements and success are not only bound in the sports field but also includes animation, printing, publishing among others. In Addition, she became a Liver Donor to her mother at the age young of 19. Learn more about Ankita’s indomitable spirit, her journey of ups and downs in this lively conversation with Storiyaan.

Ankita Shrivastava


Questions and answers

How did you first become interested in athletics and got connected to the world of sports?

I started playing when I was in Nursery and won the Gold medal in ‘Backward Race’. That fuelled my spirit and sealed my interest in sports. Ever since I went on to play multiple games ranging from Kho-Kho, Throw ball, Basketball, Volleyball, Squash, Swimming to Athletics at school, district, state, and the national to the international level at present.

What were some of the challenges faced by you during this journey?

I had to leave sports at the age of 19 after donating my liver to my mother. Those 3 years were mentally traumatizing and physically cruel. I lost my mother and our father left us at the same time too. Therefore, that phase has been the most challenging to date.

You have been a TEDx speaker. Tell us about your experience and what was your speech about?

I was invited to be a Tedx speaker after winning medals for India. I experienced sleepless nights and was immensely nervous to be a speaker on such a prestigious platform but the experience has been worth all of it. The speech was about my journey from Liver Transplant to representing India at the World Transplant Games by the Olympics Association.

You are the youngest to enter the 40 under 40 Animation, VFX, Gaming and Comics industry in India. Could you elaborate on how did you achieve this milestone?

I happened to join Aadarsh Pvt Ltd, a printing and publishing company in my second year of college due to challenges at home. I gained experience in brand building and IP as we were licensee in India of Disney, Mattel and Turner. Since then I have built eight brands (pre-school animation characters) including one (Purple Turtle) that is recognized across 25 countries, with 350+ books – and 14 Preschool franchisees.

You have partnered with many co-producers of the world to create the TV Series Purple Turtle. Could you share with us the names of the co-producers you have worked with and one such working experience?

We have Cyber Group Studios (Top 10 Distributors of the World) as our co-producer, distributor and licensing agent worldwide except Asia excluding China, while Telegael, Ireland is our co-producer for the TV Series, Purple Turtle.

Cyber Group Studios is run by Mr Pierre Sissmann who is also the Ex-President of Disney, Europe. His expertise in the field, vision as well as strong work ethic has always inspired me. And an interesting fun fact is that after 4 years of effort on the last day of MIP (Content market in Cannes, France) we were about to call it off when he came on board. Rest is history.

Besides, all your accomplishments, you are also a liver donor. Could you share with us your story?

My mother was diagnosed with liver sclerosis when I was in 7th class. Since then we had been moving across hospitals waiting for me to turn 18. Unfortunately due to some medical negligence eventually I donated my liver at 19, knowing that she wouldn’t survive.

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