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Ananya Saraf: Life In Food-bites

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Whether you are a Joey or a Monica, chances are food is what defines you. This means you are always on the lookout for that finger-licking and life-affirming restaurant known only to the cult called “foodies”. Meet Ananya Saraf, an Entrepreneur and Food Influencer who is fanatic about discovering good food. Born with a desire to shine on her terms, Ananya hopped on a journey of capturing the best-of-food world for the rest of us. She is known for her honest reviews, tried and tested recipes, healthy cooking tips and engagement with her beloved audience. Know more about food blogging, the best and worst of it and much more in this ‘foodish’ chat with Storiyaan.

Ananya Saraf

Ananya Saraf: Life In Food-bites


Questions and answers

What sparked your interest to be a food influencer and how did this idea come to your mind?

We are a family of foodies who love to find new restaurants every weekend and travel the world in search of different cuisines. Therefore, with regular travels, I started capturing food pictures and observing food blog accounts. And this resulted in the birth of food blogging in my mind.

From tasting a variety of food with family, to finally deciding on becoming a food blogger and an influencer. What hurdles did you encounter when you started this journey?

My blog took some time to take off which attracted criticism and discouragement. Moreover, the pandemic wreaked havoc and a little slowdown happened on my content ideas as well but I worked through it by expanding my content and giving my blog a newer perspective.

What’s the best and worst thing you have experienced about being a food blogger?

The best thing is hands down all the amazing food I get to encounter. On the other hand, the worst thing will be risking my health. In the past, I have had multiple instances when I got sick due to the food I ate.

Since the pandemic is still very much present, how do you manage to maintain the safety measures while trying on eateries especially from streets?

I try to avoid any indoor restaurants that have small spaces, or that don’t follow the rules thoroughly like having a scan menu. For roadside eateries, I wear double masks and maintain a safe distance from the vendor and the other customers around.

As a food blogger, can you tell us how the required nutrition as well the taste can be taken care of, without compromising on either.

The key is to maintain balance. I limit my outdoor dining to 1- 2 times a week and have basic Indian staple food at least once every day. In addition, I incorporate healthy cooking.

Being a social media influencer, what was the weirdest feedback you came across and what impact did it have on you?

Recently, after posting a review of a cafe, I got a message stating that how is it that I liked the food when they detested it. This made me wonder how to react and whether I should cater to other’s tastes. However, I later realized that my USP is my genuineness and I cannot change that for others.

How would you describe your site to new readers and what are the things they might find useful?

My page welcomes every foodie. It focuses on famous eateries in Bombay, new restaurants, and hassle-free recipes with readily available ingredients. Hence, if you happen to wonder about your next eating joint, my blog might come in handy!

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