Anamika Rana – CA Turned Astrologer

Anamika Rana

Anamika Rana – CA Turned Astrologer

“Growing up in a service class family in Jamshedpur, the ideal notion of ‘prioritizing academics’ was deep-rooted in my mind. I remember being fond of astrology right from a young age. My Nani had a deep interest in this field, she still has and that’s what led to lighting the spunk in me. While I was very keen on this, I never really had the confidence to pursue it professionally.

I decided to focus on my academics and later on moved to Delhi and graduated from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC). I also completed my Chartered Accountancy and started working for big corporates like Deloitte and KPMG.

While my family was very happy to see me ‘settled’, it was this phase when I started to lose interest in my tedious work life. Waking up to go to the same old monotonous job got harder with every passing day. The tarot reading classes that I had taken up, kept me sane throughout that phase.

I enjoyed tarot reading thoroughly and realized my lifelong passion for it and decided to pursue it full time. If it wasn’t for Arjun (my husband) and Mom’s constant support I wouldn’t have had the courage to get out of the corporate race. They were the only two people to know about my ‘career shift’ for the first 6 months. I didn’t want to defy Dad’s expectations until I felt I was settled in this field.

While things started to fall into place, Dad got to know about tarot reading from one of my clients who turned out to be our family friend. I wasn’t prepared for this confrontation, fearing Dad’s reluctance. But Dad’s reaction left me awestruck when he decided to let go of his inhibitions for my happiness; “I am ok as long as you’re happy with what you do ” were his exact words. Dad has always followed the notion of a “stable job”, but when it came to my happiness he didn’t mind cutting a slack. While it was hard for him to get on board initially, he has been the best confidant ever since. Life has been so much better ever since today I have a successful brand by the name ARIKA Creations for healing crystals and I have been also featured in Forbes!

While my entire family has been my support system, I often get questioned if I regret investing my energies in pursuing CA, and going through the corporate turmoil despite my lack of interest; “Well no, if it wasn’t for that, I would fail to put it out there, that I’m not a tarot reader by chance, but by choice “.

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