Anagha Bhat: Dreams, tears & much more

Anagha Bhat

Anagha Bhat: Dreams, tears & much more

“Growing up, I always anticipated becoming a Wedding Planner. While it didn’t seem like a conventional career path to a lot of people, I was all for the Band Baaja Baaraat.¬†

I always knew what I wanted to do in life and while I was all ready to venture into it my parents stepped in and asked about my ‘Plan B’. Having dreamt about only one thing my entire life, I had no answer, and overnight, my lifelong vision had to be backed up and I got enrolled in a Civil Engineering¬†course. My destination was still the same, but with an added second option now.

I graduated from college and my dream finally came true. I absolutely loved planning weddings for a year but the relentless stress of ‘ruining the most special day of our client just by one rookie mistake’ haunted me, I wondered if this kind of stress was something I was ready to take for the next 30 years of my life and I finally decided to call this a quit.

Scumbling my lifelong dream had shattered my heart but for the first time in life, I was glad to have my Plan B. Only a few months into it and I was back at square one quitting my Civil Engineering job as well. I had tons of ideas in my brain and in the hope of at least “this idea” working, I had changed 6 jobs in 2 years!! ¬†

From envisioning myself as a successful entrepreneur to being called out as a privileged kid who was doing time pass, I had hit rock bottom. Finding the right career for myself seemed impossible.

My life had reduced to watching TedX videos and surfing through social media all day. And it was one such day when one of my friends suggested ‘Yaar tu social media pe itni active hai, why don’t you make a career out of it? ‘ Having given up by then, I thought ‘Itna kuch try kar liya, let’s try and rule out one more option’.

I had no plans for social media but with time I enjoyed doing it and at 24 I finally found my calling. Having craved certainty for so many years I finally felt gravitated and the rest has been history!

Now that I look back, I’m glad that I didn’t settle with a plan B or C and made my way to my perfect match, and just like they said at the end of each TedX video, life did work out for my best! “

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