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Amisha Jain: Creating Magic!

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“I believe that everyone should be determined and fix a goal and then pay no heed to others who pull you down. Just keep working towards your aim.”, explains Amisha.

Giving wings to her deep love for art, Amisha Jain set out to pursue art as her career with gusto.  In a world where art is disregarded with a tag of “no future”, Amisha sure stands tall. Additionally, her brilliance as an artist is inherent and she is completely self-taught. Currently, working as an independent commissioned artist, Amisha is shattering stereotypes about the art industry with her success and ambition. Read the story of this exuberant young artist in this candid conversation with Storiyaan.

Amisha Jain


Questions and answers

Being a self-taught artist, how has the initial journey been and what served as an inspiration to you?

The initial journey had me scrambling through design techniques, tools, processes. My knowledge was limited but watching fellow artists create hyper-realistic artwork did act as an inspiration.

You are familiar with sketching as well as oil painting. Which one do you prefer more and why?

Although I enjoy both of them, I prefer sketching over oil painting. Sketching requires attention to detail which makes it both challenging and also more realistic.

Take us through the process of you preparing for your first exhibition?

For my first exhibition, I chose to create an artwork on Taylor Swift. Besides, I wished to display all of my skills and techniques. The artwork took 10 days to complete and the effort paid off!

What according to you are some aspects an artist should explore to grow and develop their skills?

In my opinion, the initial focus should be on mastering the basic proportions. After the fundamentals of drawing and art are clear, artists can explore various mediums like graphite or charcoal.

Every field has its challenges. What are some of the struggles you had to face when you started?

Hurdles were abounding when I started as I was not encouraged and found no support. Moreover, procuring the necessary art supplies was difficult in the small town I belonged to. Consequently, I also started juggling studies and art when things took an upward turn.

In your opinion, what are the significant changes that have occurred in the outlook of people when it comes to the creative industry?

Over the years, the creative industry has flourished in terms of demand. Today, all industries want creative campaigns and designs which have resulted in ample job opportunities.

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