Alice Sharma-The Unbending Will

The Unbending Will of Alice Sharma

Practising law was a legacy in my family. Honouring it, I scored myself a good law college. But then, life decided to tune it’s difficulty to max settings. My health deteriorated for the worse, so I had to take a drop. Being bedridden for months, I spiralled down to depression. So I triggered off my blog site to balance my sanity. But writing blogs became a burst of cathartic pleasure.

Writing more and venturing deeper into the art, I acquired the calibre to write a book. I titled it The Last Board Exam, where I weaved my personal experiences in the fabric of fiction. It became an instant bestseller on Amazon, but I was still restless. So soon after, I released my second book Longer Than Forever, which blew online best-selling charts, all the way to oxford bestselling stands. I won the National Literary Award-100 inspiring authors of India by Indian Awaz.

I decided to give something back to society, for all the love it had given me. I co-founded an NGO, ‘Vastra Aur Zindagiyan’. I aimed to uplift the unprivileged section of society. We organised donation drives for food, clothes, sanitary provisions and education. Amidst this pandemic, we successfully fed more than 6,000 people. We strive to uplift the status of women and liberate them. It’s what our motto is, ‘make lives less vulnerable’.

I also conducted workshops in colleges like Zakir Hussain College, Delhi University, where I spoke about ‘How to become a successfully published author‘. In the College of Vocational Studies, Delhi University, I talked about how I broke stereotypes and made my way to the literary world. I worked tirelessly on my next projects, weaving thoughts into words. Thus I was entitled as the youngest writer in India to publish 4 books in a single day, titled The Unheard Tales, The Abandoned, The Door Never Visited and The Broken Thoughts.

The NBA felicitated me as one of the 100 leading ladies of India, and I was given the title of The Phenomenal She. Despite hitting all those milestones, that too under 22, I still kept my mind numb to my success. I believe that if you wear success like a badge, it’ll only weigh you down, hindering you from reaching your height. Have an unbending will and have a chaotic mind. Be hungry and restless about your passion. Have faith and always go

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