Akshay Ghei: Captain Foodiee

Captain Foodie - Akshay Ghei

 It was as random as me going through someone’s food page and it fascinated me to start my own. I had heard that these food bloggers get invitation from restaurants and they even get paid for it so I thought of giving it a shot. A hit or miss, time would judge. I had no friends, I knew nothing. So I focused on the basics, such as a page name. Something gravitating and appealing. Thus Captain Foodie was born. Within 15-20 days I hit almost 2k followers, which was a confidence booster. The pivotal focus of my content was to give what the audience wanted. I don’t idolize anyone, as I might copy them, I should be unique to my audience.

 I was a very different person before I started the page. I used to be an introvert but now I can talk, interact,  do whatever I want and I’ve become kind of an extrovert now.

I want to see myself as the best food blogger of India 5 years down the lane. I try to play with my audience’s mind, what they like in my page, what they don’t like on my page. I had to make food more desirable, for people to hit follow. So I honed my photography skills to perfection. All details should be pristine and immaculate, down to every single leaf topping being visible in the dish.

In food blogging nobody will help you. Plus you have to deal with people tarnishing your image every chance they get. Many people will good to you at your face but would say ill things at your back and that’s how it is. You need to shut them up by growing yourself, by letting your actions speak. So now when people message me I help them because I don’t want them to suffer like I did. To travel ahead in life, you have to walk alone, but to travel further, you have to walk with everyone and keeping pushing till your limitations till they become a distant dot.

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