Aditi Nirvaan: The Art of Healing

A vivacious and effervescent Aditi Nirvaan has several beans to spill after 16 years as a Therapist, Coach, Facilitator – specializing in Awakening Feminine Power, Psychology of Eating, Positive Psychology, Meaning and Valued living, Shadow work, Mid Life Awakening, Bach Flower Remedy, and EFT. She is a strong advocate for taking your power back, wholehearted living, and embracing life with all its shapes and moods. Her passion, dedication, and skill have brought her several accolades including the prestigious “50 Under 50 Achiever’s Award” but a reticent Aditi has always let her work speak louder than her awards. She is also a creative writer and an artist with an eye for detail. We at Storiyaan sat down to know more about this articulate personality and her creative self in this inspiring conversation.

Aditi Nirvaan


Questions and answers

Can you elaborate on what your programs are and what awareness they create?

My programs center on awakening the feminine power in men and women as both genders are gifted with feminine energies which are not being materialized. The programs are designed in such a way that it helps you realize your true potential, authenticity, discover your gifts and talents so that you can reach your highest potential, and self-actualizing goals that make you feel empowered in your life, choices, and relationships.

What were the training and practices you went through before starting your journey as a coach?

I’ve spent over 16 years of practice in the areas of consciousness and mindfulness – a meditation on my spiritual path. During that time, I’ve also been trained in over 14 different coaching, therapies, and healing modalities each contributing to an increased connection to myself and propelling me to work with thousands of people in their spiritual journey. Some of the impactful training that I went through includes Feminine Power with Dr. Claire Zammit, Mind-Body Coaching, Mindfulness Training, Positive Psychology, Meaning and Valued Living, Shadow Work, Conscious Manifestation with Eckhart Tolle and Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

What is the most satisfactory part of your work, and how do you achieve it?

My deepest satisfaction comes when I have been able to get a client or a program participant to their desired potential or beyond. My most cherished moments are when they have a spark in their eyes on having discovered something amazing about themselves and they start to live it daily. I achieve this by being an open space for them. Being non-judgmental of their way of being and their choices, being aware of exactly what they need from me and when. Most people deeply desire to be heard, seen, acknowledged, and understood and I always offer that above all my training.

Can you share with us a heart-warming memory of yours with your client?

There have been many, but one I particularly remember is about an affluent lady who was married to a drug addict and she felt completely helpless with two kids and no real source of income. She attended my sessions and called me one day to inform me that she had started a small business from home that burgeoned into a big one within a year. She now manages her home on her own, runs a business, takes care of her kids, and feels deeply empowered along with being successful in putting her husband in rehab. This story is special to me because it is deeply fulfilling to have helped someone realize the innate power and potential.

Healing is a long process; clients may turn skeptical about the process sometimes. What is your method to keep their faith intact?

Healing is a result of some work you have done; each of us heals when we have our breakthroughs. My clients have found their breakthroughs in the first couple of sessions and have returned with immense value for the program. So, I have not encountered skeptics but at times I empower certain clients to heal and recover on their own if they have achieved a desired level of healing or recommend someone else if I know that my services as a therapist or coach won’t suit them well.

As the pandemic had taken a toll on our lives, the entire world has started running online. Has this acted as a boon or a bane to you?

My entire business went online back in 2018 so the pandemic didn’t change anything for me and my work. I have taken online client sessions, offered online programs and courses, both video and audio as I wanted to create a mobile business. The only thing that has changed is that now I am unable to conduct live workshops which I love doing as it is magical to have all energies of a large group of people. So, it has been both a boon and a bane.

You have also been an investor and partner in a hygiene business. What was the motto behind investing in the business?

Hygiene was already a major buzzword in the health and medical field where post-op patients needed sanitized environments to recover in. Personally, good hygiene is important to me and I love business and the energy of start-ups. So, I wanted to back a hygiene business financially.

You have traveled all over the world due to your profession. What is your fondest memory that you would like to share?

My fondest memory is from my training in Italy, particularly Venice when we were on our last day of training. I remember an evening that I spent with some colleagues in a small music hall attending a live concert of one of the local orchestras playing one of my favorite composers, Vivaldi. I felt transported to another time and I didn’t want to leave my seat even after it was over. That music, that place, is deeply etched in my memory – it was unbridled joy.

You have won the “50 under 50” Achiever’s Award from the Indian Achiever’s Club of the Indian Merchants Chambers in 2021. Can you share your experience on this with us?

This was a total surprise. Some of my clients were members of the club and had recommended my work. The award was jury and merit-based; so it wasn’t a gimmick that made me stay up late and wait for the results. When I was declared a finalist, I readily accepted it, knowing that it was the result of my hard work and devotion towards my work. So, I have cherished this award and will always be grateful for the recognition.

When did you discover that you could write and paint?

It started in 2016 when I was going through troubling times and I wished to express myself through writing, initially, and then when words fell short, I resorted to painting or sketching. It was all very instinctive as a means to channelize my thoughts, feelings, and energies. I write and create art with no agenda, often it is around the subject of people’s energy or some human experiences.

Quick 5

1. Holistic living to you is – when body, mind, and soul are in sync and integrity.

2. The best part about your work – that I get be a catalyst in changing people’s lives and bringing them joy.

3. Describe the lockdown in a word – a dark night of the soul.

4. Healing is efficient when – you take responsibility and make choices.

5. Favourite travel destination – Anywhere in Europe.

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