The Tech of Tomorrow-ADCOM INDIA!

The Tech of Tomorrow-ADCOM INDIA!

ADCOM came to life again in 2017 with an Indian family-run tech start-up, launching a brand of their own. Known for its fashionable & affordable tech-gadgets, ADCOM is a homegrown local tech brand. But the road to success was full of bumps.

The brand isn’t just a prestige-project. It has a lot of emotions tangled with it. So the question arises— What does success mean of a passionate entrepreneur? The e-commerce business is enormous— we started with mobile devices in 2008, and then everything stopped in 2015. Eventually, it revamped itself with the help of our CEO, Sahib Bhatia. He defines all these bumps in our journey as the initial steps towards something bigger.

In 2018, we launched our first product. But the journey this time was about rebooting an already well established brand, not relaunching. It was a monumental task to handle. We took a 360 degree to change the dynamic of our brand— including the brand logo. But the challenge was about breaking through today’s vast market of electronic gadgets.

Infusing Sahib’s passion for tech, fitness, and fashion, we innovated gadgets for the day like fashionable headsets, gaming accessories, mobile-photography lenses, among others. This is how we found our niche. We aimed at being different.

Our success can be counted not in numbers; it is about how our customers feel about us, as a brand. How do they connect and think about our gadgets— the word of their mouths. We work to make all our products affordable to impact a larger society. And we’ve been blessed with incredibly positive feedback.

I’d only say that if passion is paired with determination and discipline, nothing can stop one from achieving their goals.


“I have used below Adcom product. The result are excellent and it’s best macro clip lens I have ever used, the focus end details it captures are excellent. I love macro photography. Flowers, insects and small tiny subjects, i used to struggle taking picture with the regular camera in phone and DSLR with the Adcom lens clip, I can click DSLR equivalent photographs with my iphone easily, and it does ma job beautifully. I recommend all smartphone photographers to invest in this product, and it is worth it and must have for experiencing the best macro shots with your phone.”- By Pratik Kadam

“I bought a gaming chair for my son. It is a very good product, very comfortable as well. Also, I would appreciate employees of the company who really helped me over the phone to install the chair where I had a bit doubt.”- By Ajay Kumar

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