Abhishek Verma-The Digital Way

Abhishek Verma-The Digital Way

I’m a III year B.Tech student in Chandigarh. I hail from Himachal, Haryana. Later, I migrated to Punjab for studies. My journey started a year ago when I realized that the money my parents gave me for college expenses wasn’t enough. Hence, I began looking for part-time jobs with minimal pay of 5k Rupees.


I came across a couple of frauds like cheaters who loot freelancers. The 10k I had was also lost, but I had the will to do something more. After a couple of struggles, I met Gurinder Singh Bajwa through Instagram. He was someone I followed and watched grow on the platform as well. What crossed my mind was— if a twenty-two year old can achieve such great things, why can’t I?


After having a word with him, I got to know that his work is only related to Digital Networking. I realized that digital marketing is the future after learning about it more. One may know that many employees were fired during the lockdown. The only way now is to go digital. So many PVRs and Multiplex Cinemas are being built, but everyone who invested in Netflix is earning today. Why? Because they had faith in the digital future.


Digital marketing is one of the most potent things today. I started a business right after learning all about it. Today I earn more than 200k Rupees per month. Very few people make that amount today. I didn’t just learn digital marketing but also got others around me into it. People in my team earn five to six figures, even today. At least 95% of our youth seek jobs. But one has to learn to be a job-provider. I have made changes not just in my friends’ lives but many on Instagram too. And I credit all of this to my mentor, my senior— Gurinder Singh Bajwa.


Many people stopped me when I was starting, but today, they approached me for my work. It takes a lot of effort and hard work. But we can change that. People of my age-group earn well because of me. More than 30% of my employees are housewives, and the others are above thirty who need the job.


And beyond the struggles, this is how I also contribute to the world.

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