Abhinav Tibdewal: Relax. Unwind. Indulge.

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Abhinav Tibdewal, “Unfortunately our societies still judge you with your work and thus owning a salon is not taken as seriously as other businesses.”

Having lost his self-confidence after a terrible accident, Abhinav Tibdewal was left with a bruised self.  Nevertheless, time heals and eventually, he had regained his lost confidence and self-belief when he wished to “work damn hard” to prove to himself and others. After working in his father’s company for some time, Abhinav launched “Hair Saint India”, with his wife when she realized the acute lack of luxury salons in India.

With a remarkable vision of providing luxury and comfort at affordable budgets, Hair Saint soon set a benchmark in the salon industry. However, a humble Abhinav still likes to believe that he has achieved nothing and reiterates “Abhi toh Delhi durr hai” when asked about it. Know more about Abhinav, Hair Saints and what sets them apart in this cosy conversation with Storiyaan.

Abhinav Tibdewal



Questions and answers

You had encountered an accident that took a huge toll on you. How did you manage to hold on to your optimistic self during that phase?

Initially, I wasn’t optimistic at all which resulted in a huge setback on my education and my confidence was also shattered completely. Seeing my parents or friends would make me feel like I lacked something. However, slowly I started working on re-building myself and that made me somehow remain optimistic to witness a better self.

What turned out to be the most challenging aspect of working in the mining industry when you started living in Chotilla?

There were quite a few of them. Firstly, I was a newbie in the mining industry and living in a rented house with no amenities. Secondly, and most importantly, I was laboring in an unknown village without any person with whom I could feel the camaraderie. Hence, I feel the most challenging aspect of working in Chotilla was holding on to my patience.

What were the most precious experience and lessons that you gained while working in the mining industry?

In one instance, when our company started doing well, someone asked my father if I was a geologist due to the improvement in the quality of our material. This was the most precious moment for me as I saw my actions getting recognized.

The lesson that I took back from the mining industry was that nothing comes on a platter and I need to keep working hard no matter what. I still think the same way.

What were the major hurdles that you had to encounter when you initially started your luxury salon venture, and how did you overcome them?

The first major hurdle was to convince my family that I wished to venture into the salon business. Secondly, I had no clue about the salon industry, its functionality and dynamics. But, my wife and I did all kinds of research and training which made us confident enough to start our first salon.

What was the major impact that the pandemic have on your business and what were some of the steps taken by you to cut down losses, if any?

The pandemic has completely changed the dynamics of the salon. During the lockdown, all our salons were shut indefinitely and therefore we were practically generating no revenue.

To cope with the losses, we had requested a cut in the rents and now we are trying to work with the reduced capacity of staff so that we can control our fixed expenses and generate revenue which we lost during the pandemic.

What is the motto and goal of your salon and how do you ensure that they are fulfilled?

Our motto is to provide an ambience that they have neither seen before nor imagined. Our goal is to go beyond salon services. We want them to believe that visiting and taking services at Hair saint India is an EXPERIENCE of its own.

We are dedicated and committed to providing a friendly, relaxing atmosphere where clients can unwind and enjoy our extensive range of salon services and spa treatments. Hair Saint truly defines a luxury yet affordable salon experience to the bay.

Tell us about your workforce and how are they different?

We are a team of handpicked experienced Hair and Beauty experts who take a personalized approach towards every client’s beauty enhancement needs.

Our experienced experts combine progressive techniques with the best available products to create an experience that suits each individual’s needs and preferences. Moreover, we ensure that you are well-informed about every treatment or salon service before making a decision.

What are some of the major skills and qualities that you look for in the prospective employees for Hair Saint?

Our first requirement is to ensure that our prospective employees can make a positive environment for our clients. We evaluate them based on their approach, outlook and so on because our employees must have positive, friendly and cooperative behavior towards our clients in addition to being good at their work.

How do you ensure that your brand remains up to date with all the latest developments in beauty, hair care and fashion trends in the market?

We are always learning from our mistakes and this is the key to getting better. Apart from that, we have technical training from experts and seniors to remain on the top of our game. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for newer trends or developments with a dedicated team, research and training.

What are some of the major developments and changes you have noticed in customer demands with the passing time?

In our observation, today, customers prioritize the quality of work and hygiene over everything else. They are willing to spend a good amount even for a haircut if they are well aware that the quality of work and standards won’t be compromised.

Quick 5

1. The most satisfying aspect of owning your own company – Wearing my comfort clothes.

2. Your greatest inspiration – My father

3. Your pet-peeve – Flaunting of money/ knowledge

4. Some of the most essential skills for running a business efficiently – Discipline, Hard work and Business ethics

5. Your daily mantra – Let yesterday be, learn from your mistake and do your best today.

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