Abhinav Majumder

Abhinav Majumder

Abhinav Majumder

Papa was a high-ranked government employee & used to be posted in different parts of India. I spent most of my early childhood in the beautiful Northeastern region of India and I can’t tell you how lucky I was to be able to explore the ‘Unexplored’.

Growing up, I had a problem of stuttering due to which I was bullied in school by classmates, however with time I learned to cope with it and that made me stronger. It was all of these awful anecdotes of my childhood that prepared me to face all that life had in store for me.

With time, I became a lifelong learner of life and that is when I picked up on writing. Nevertheless, I was way too much inspired by poets such as William Wordsworth, John Keats, and Rabindranath Tagore. I escalated from penning down my thoughts in a journal to winning national-level quizzes and debate events.

The late 2000s marked the advent of the internet; the memories of Orkut are still fresh in my mind. It was 2010 when I had decided to pursue blogging which was a relatively new term in those times. Soon people started reading my articles & poems and my site began to garner traffic.

 In 2016, I was one of the first Indians to cross the 2 Million likes mark on the Q & A site Askfm which was as popular back then just as Quora is these days. I completed my graduation in dentistry from Chennai in a wink. By now I had started writing more.

Fast-forward to now, I am a singer, songwriter, blogger, content creator, digital marketer, and musician but writing is where my heart lies. I consider myself lucky enough to be able to work with the legendary Zubeen Garg for my first music consignment. We worked on the song was “Sajna”, a soulful track that was very well received by the audience. It’s a pleasure to work with Zubeen again on a consignment post the success of our previous song together. It’s tentatively named “Kangan”, a peppy romantic number and it is ought to release soon.

Its 2 pm, I am almost done writing this account of my life and if there is one thing that I want to convey to you all, it would be in the words of Shankar Mahadevan,” Tu dhoop hai, chham se bikhar, tu hai nadi, o bekhabar, beh chal kahi, udd chal kahi, dil khush jahan teri toh manzil hai wahi…

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