Abhimaan Biswas-Not an Idiot Sandwich

Not an Idiot Sandwich - Abhimaan Biswas

Soon after I was born, it dawned upon everyone that I wasn’t responding well to their vocal calls. My child care specialist revealed that I had an acute hearing loss in both my ears. In the last 23 years, I’ve never felt the pinch of being born with only five senses. Instead, it helped me focus better on the task at hand. 

Though I do remember those dark times when I came home crying because I was bullied at school, disheartened in college, broken during the placement session in Post Grad. I upheld a strong façade, but I have had a complaint buried deep within.

Towards the end of my MBA, I realized most corporate jobs needed excellent communication skills as a basic necessity. One hundred twelve campus interviews and placement sessions later, I gave up. I discovered that content writing was my destiny. My mom being a PGT English teacher, helped me. Soon I became a voracious reader and started consuming Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Dickens, and more. It nurtured my writing. It was the turning point of my life.

Another turning point was when a close friend told me I was a repressed guy. She said instead of expressing my fury. I kept imploding, which was unhealthy. I decided to take charge and got a tattoo. The one you see in the post. It gave me the ability to laugh at it instead of regretting it. 

Today I am a Social Media Manager and Senior Writer for one of the leading tech publications in India and happily married. In my spare time, I pursue my passion for food blogging under the name @notanidiotsandwich.

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