5 min bit with Abhilash Dandotiya

Abhilash Dandotiya says “Health is the key to everything”. Being in a corporate world he changed his lifestyle and many others too .There was a point where even he was struggling with his fitness so he chose to take the matter into his own hands. He joined the gym,  martial art , kick boxing ,became a nutritionist ,social media influencer and inspired people.

Now with a healthier lifestyle, he plans to help others accomplish this goal as well. His social media handle contains several guidelines on nutritious diets that can help one unlock a better physique. Join us as he further elaborates these guidelines on maintaining fitness and being content.


Questions and answers

In the past few years the Keto Diet and Intermittent fasting became common among the masses, what was your opinion on this fad, as a professional?

Fad diet no doubt helps you to lose weight faster but has side effects which cause various health issues like dehydration, inadequate minerals and vitamins in the body, anxiety as well as deprivation of one’s favorite food. I personally believe in a balanced diet as fad diets can’t be followed for the long term.

When did it dawn on you that fitness is your way of life?

When I entered the corporate world, I saw that the people running behind money and was not even remotely concerned about their health. The environment affected me as well. So with the goal of changing my lifestyle I joined martial arts and gym, enrolled for nutrition course and decided to help others regarding it

There are a plethora of brands and influencers promoting foods like quinoa and avocado for weight loss, what is your perspective on this?

I believe in the local homemade food. The processed ones contain high sugar sodium and certain ingredients which is very bad for one’s health. Whereas food like quinoa and avocado are expensive so one can resort to everyday fruits like bananas and papayas.

In your expert opinion, what are some of the foods that one should avoid while being on a journey of weight loss?

Refined sugar should be completely off your list. It is the biggest inhibitor in losing weight.

Deep-fried and processed foods are also a no-no for folks who want to embark on the journey of reducing weight.

You have a variety of insightful facts and tips on food and eating habits on your social media page, how do you come up with them?

I had amassed a wide knowledge of nutrition over time. The lockdown provided me with an idea to share these helpful tips via a social media platform. I own an Instagram page where I help people to understand the need of living a healthy and balanced life.

What is your advice to people suffering with eating disorders due to societal pressure to have the "ideal" body?

People often confuse being healthy and fit with losing weight and becoming thin. These are two completely different things. Being free from illness is the most important aspect of all. So I urge you all to rather be free from sickness than being lean and lanky

According to you, how does one find the perfect balance between cardio, weights and leg exercises?

Followed with a proper diet and a fixed routine anyone can be able to find the balance between those workouts. Cardio and weight workouts require you to spend two days a week. As for the legs it needs only once a week.

During the lockdown, many people began to workout at home, what do you think they can do better from the comfort of their home, to get the required results?

Home workout is a somewhat adequate means to maintain fitness. But if one really wishes to go further, an increase in the intensity of the workout can bring about the desired results.

What is your word of advice to those struggling to find the motivation to live a healthy life?

 Instead of focusing your time on weight loss or gain, you should concentrate more on your inner peace and immunity. An hour for your body every day can make you feel so much better and can help you have a positive approach towards life.

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