Aashi-My innovative corner


Aashi-My innovative corner

Aashi says, “I firmly believe that the best things can be made out of things we consider of no use, and nothing should be termed as “Waste”. 

I have always loved to play with scissors and glue. When in school, I participated in many best out of waste competitions, glass painting, and many such creative events.  

While I was in college, I started summer camps for children of different age groups where I taught them to make waterfall cards, glass painting, jazzing up old clothes, and other creative crafts like knife painting. 

My friends suggested that I should start an Instagram page to promote my art online, and that is when I began @innovative_corner. Initially, I didn’t get a good response on the page, but as time passed, I had ample orders for customized and handmade gifts.  

I have received appreciation online from quite a few TV stars as well, and it has been four years with the Innovative corner. More than anything, getting orders through word of mouth from my happy customers is the best thing ever. 

It is lovely to teach art and craft to the little munchkins and sending love in the form of customized gifts. I would not trade the happiness I get from doing this with anything else in the world. I can never have enough of it, and I am grateful to my friends and family and to that one special person who always had my back all this while.”

  1. Parita Shah

    I always love making a gift and handmade gifts are so much more personal. I have always wanted to be someone who could make them. I have tried it a lot of times and faile😂 only for my bestfriend to come and rescue me. Not many have the talent to do it. So good to know how people do it and love their art❤

  2. Simran

    Handmade gifts are so personal and so special. Creating something on your own for a person so that they feel special and loved <3

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