Aamir and Amir-Some people are worth a second shot!

Aamir and Amir had no ordinary love story. Aamir says, “It wasn’t, love at first sight for us. In fact, Amir and I didn’t like each other at all. Except for our name, there was nothing common between us, Amir was too pompous and posh on the flip side, I was too crazy and wild.

However, destiny had different plans for us, we did end up meeting again with a larger group of friends and truly, the rest has been history. We really hit it off that night. From going on long drives to staying up late every single night, we got to know each other and started dating on the New Year of 2014.

Not all of our family members and friends have been on board with our relationship. Be it our close ones turning against us or people not accepting our sexuality, we tackled all the hurdles together. Our relationship has been through it all and it only brought us closer.

2 years into dating and I was all ready to commit to Amir forever. I started dropping hints about the proposal, being the smart and crazy man that he is, he managed to flatter me, yet again. He picked me up from work on a casual Monday and convinced me to go out for a stroll to our favorite getaway spot. Despite, the hectic schedule I had, I couldn’t refuse him as he bought a bunch of my favorite snacks (he always has a way to get me going).

I was enjoying the ecstatic scenery and suddenly heard Amir going “Imagine all of our friends being here for our engagement and marriage” to which, my only response was “Do we have to get engaged to have a party?” And as I turned back saying this, Amir went down on one knee proposing to me.

Our secret Shaadi (as we like to call it) has to be one of the craziest things we ever did in love. We had a Mehendi ceremony followed by a registry wedding and a party with 10 of our closest friends.

6 years of dating, 2 years of marriage, and his charisma and sense of humor get me every single time. I love taking him out on dates. On days that he decides to cook for me, are my favorite ( there is magic in his hands).

 Having a secret wedding was the best decision we ever made, as we now continue to live freely as a representation of “love wins”  through our podcast  ‘ You don’t love me’.

From not liking each other, to falling head over heels in love to going against all the odds, here we are, Two Queer South Asians, who have become an ultimate team, and for all the battles we’ve lost, we won the war! I must say.”

Mamta Banerjee
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