A Life in Quarantine

 Life has never been simple, especially since the lockdown started. The feeling of getting stuck at a place and not being able to work productively is always there. It seems like the quarantine has made all of us lazy and unproductive.

Time seems to move faster when you are having fun but during the quarantine, it seems like time has been frozen. The whole concept of time seems meaningless as one day oozes into the next.

Work, school, relationships – almost everything has taken a toll. It seems like getting stuck in a monotonous loop.

If you’re staring at your calendar right now, wondering how is it already August when it seems like you’re still living in 2020? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  

Here are some tried and tested tips that you can follow to get work done in quarantine-


Use a calendar –

You might be wondering what kind of tip is that? Of course, I use a calendar.

Well, if you do, then I urge you to use it more mindfully.

Sometimes old-school products prove to be more useful than fancy apps. A physical calendar will help you to be disciplined.

Place it somewhere easily accessible. Use colourful pens to add goals and schedules to your calendar. Just try to make the whole process very exciting and fun. This will also help you in feeling less zoned-out from reality. Time won’t feel meaningless since you’ll be basically staring at the calendar 24*7.

Make to-do lists –

To-do lists are a great way to keep you on track. Make a to-do list in the morning, this will give your day a much-needed structure and routine during the quarantine. 

One of the major mistakes that people commit while making to-do lists is adding a lot of items to the list and then getting disappointed by the sheer number of unfinished tasks. Make sure to include only important tasks on the to-do list. Keep it short and simple.

Don’t forget to place a little tick in the checkbox next to the finished task. The sheer euphoria that one gets after completing a task and ticking the checkbox is unbeatable.

There are a number of apps that can help you with that, but you can always opt for pen and paper.

Check out some apps to make your note taking experience exciting

Exercise –

When you’re feeling low, even getting out of bed seems like a huge task. During these times, exercising may seem like an insurmountable goal, but it is not.

Try to take it slowly. Start with simple exercising in the beginning and then proceed to the more elaborate and lengthy ones.

Exercise releases endorphins that will make you happy. Also, since you are sitting in your home all day, your body needs some physical exertion.

While these are some of the important things that will help you in achieving your goals during quarantine; there are some other hobbies and activities that you can take up to get a sense of novelty while being stuck at home.

Connect with friends and family –

This pandemic has given us ample opportunities to connect with friends and family. Although you can’t physically meet someone during the quarantine, you can meet them through various virtual forums.

Conduct virtual parties with your friends, watch films with your family or simply have a nice long talk with your siblings.

Some fun games to play with your friends virtually.

Focus on slow living –

The quarantine has made us all realise that slow living can actually be fun. Try to steer away from consumerist culture. Support local and small businesses. Try to limit eating out.

While slow living is good and has proven benefits, one should always remember that not everybody can afford it. There are a lot of people whose livelihood has been disturbed by the ongoing pandemic which takes us to our next point.

Engage more in social activism –

The quarantine made all of us ponder over our actions and their consequences. A lot of people started participating in fundraising campaigns and donations. This is the right time to focus on our actions and activities. Try to reduce your carbon footprint. Use homemade, less wastage generating products as much as possible and be mindful of your actions.

Small businesses to support during quarantine 

Next is the question of relationships. What to do if your partner is stuck in another city during quarantine? How to make sure your parents are well if you are living in another city? What to do if you’re looking for a partner during these times.

Technology is your true friend –

Technology will prove to be your best friend during these tiring times. Video calls, social media sites, food and medicine delivery apps will prove to be helpful during quarantine.

In case you’re seeking a new partner, online dating sites are back in vogue. New social media platforms like clubhouse have emerged which has also amplified the online dating scene.

While all of these tips will certainly help you, one of the things that we need to keep in mind is to use technology judicially.

This pandemic has made all of us technology dependent. The people who didn’t identify themselves as technology-savvy are now using zoom on their computers while simultaneously texting on discord.

Technology is definitely a boon to all of us, but that doesn’t give us the right to dismiss its drawbacks.

Take required breaks and time off social media. Don’t forget to have a digital detox every now and then. Engage in some activities that do not directly involve technology like reading books, gardening, making scented candles, pottery, cooking, etc.

The quarantine can be both a positive and negative time. It depends on how you utilise it. Staying positive and upbeat during quarantine is a bit tricky. Scheduling, making lists, planning, engaging in new hobbies, etc., work a bit. However, if you still feel down most of the time and can’t concentrate on your work, book an appointment with your health professional and remember that quarantine has not been easy for anyone. After all, living in a global pandemic is not a cakewalk.   

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