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8 countries with most severe punishments for rapists

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Rape is considered as one of the most heinous crimes a human can commit. But, do you know how rapists are punished? 

Here, we will talk about 8 countries that have the most severe punishments for rapists.

Punishments for rape all over the world 


Here are the most brutal and horrific rape punishments of different countries around the world-


  • UAE: Hanged to death 


In UAE, the punishment of sexual assault or rape is death by hanging. There is no alternate road, if you commit rape, you die within 7 days, this is one and the only way someone who has done this major crime will be treated.


  • China: death or mutilation of their genitals 


China has the law of punishing the rapist straight away with a death sentence. In some scenarios, rapists are also punished by the mutilation of their genitals. 


  • Iran: Hanged to death 


Rapists in Iran are sentenced to death, sometimes by hanging but sometimes allegedly also by stoning, which is a gruesome method to go. Sadly enough however, the culture here also ends up victimising the person who was raped. 

  • Egypt: Death by hanging 


Egypt is also one of the places that still follows the slightly outdated mode of death by hanging. In the case of rapists though, I think that’s pretty ok. 

  • Afghanistan: Shot in the head or hanged to death 


Convicted rapists here are shot in the head within 4 days or hanged to death depending on the judgement handed out by the court. 

  • North Korea: Death by firing squad 


This dictatorship sentences rapists to death by firing squad. Their lines of justice are so blurred that for all we know, they just use this as a cover up to execute dissidents 

  • Saudi Arabia: Beheading within days 


The punishment for rape in Saudi Arabia is a public beheading after administering the rapist with a sedative. The fact that they hand down the same punishment for drug trafficking as well proves that something very wrong is ingrained in their system. 

  • Pakistan: Death sentence 


Gang rape, child molestation, and rape are punishable by death. An assault on a woman and intentional display of her body in public view are punishable by death. Statutory rape by a man of a girl under sixteen, especially gang rape, is punishable by death.


  • What’s the case in India?

 In India rape is now one of the most common crimes against women. Seventy-seven rape cases were reported across India on an average every day in 2020, totalling 28,046 such incidents during the year. 

Overall, 3,71,503 cases of crime against women were reported across the country last year, showing a decline of 8.3 percent as 4,05,326 cases were registered in 2019, states as per National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data. The rape victims were among the age group of below six years to over 60 years. 

  • Conclusion 

If we look for the  impact on rape victims we can find its too much horrific as it inflicts indelible physical, emotional and mental wounds on them life long. They have to suffer from mental torture without any fault of theirs and that can haunt them every second. They are often looked down in society and are not being accepted by society. Their life turns into a mess and living hell.

Rape statistics in India 

Rape is the most heinous crime we all know.

It is expedient to change the human perspective and provide a new dimension to rape keeping in  mind the current scenario. We campaign and create awareness about gross injustices and abuse that happen in the Indian Legal system. 

Almost in every offence, the rule of strict interpretation should be established so that there would be no loophole and chances for injustice in the social environment. India, it’s high time to adapt to stricter laws against rape

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