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6 Must Read book recommendations on Wattpad

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Are you new to Wattpad? Looking for some suggestions, then look no more we have a list of 6 Must Read Book Recommendations on Wattpad just for you. What according to you is a good book? Something which conjures you to experience the diversity of life and bring you to the world which is somehow relatable but yet somehow idealistic in nature right. 

During the fast-moving world when everything seems to be reflecting new mechanisms, how one can not perceive a change in the world of books. Thanks to technology now for readers around the world, books are faceted on a digital platform like Wattpad which allows you to immerse in a mind-blowing world of books just by the comfort of your books without needing to go outside and purchase a book.

Wattpad with magnanimous features not only allows one to read a book but also entail a platform for those who have a passion for the art of writing whilst providing a multicultural audience from around the world to be your critique.

What a double jackpot right? For both readers and writers, so let’s not wait for any further and crave into this enigmatic world of books.


Top stories on Wattpad :

  • Chasing Red :

The first novel on our list is one of the most popularised and entailing books of Wattpad, Chasing Red. The story is said to revolve around Veronica Stafford, who is said to be a college student, living in a rented apartment but soon she gets thrown out of her facility when she meets Caleb Lockhart who is known for his notorious ways and manuring basketball skills, who luckily for Veronica purveys a place for accommodation. 

Within this particularly given time bounce, Caleb is seemingly seen to be falling for Veronica, which in turn leads to him trying to pursue her and make her heart his. But sadly, this love story like another goes through facets of low moments, with Veronica still dangling from her past, and to make matters worse, her past outcomes just seem to keep surrounding her with the horrors of her prior placements. 

Making it strenuous for Caleb to get through her walls of dilemma. This beautifully drafted dramatic romance is set to be the peeve of a beautiful agonising story reflecting the churns conjured by one in the world of realism. 

This story is said to have about 251 million reads on the Wattpad community making it one of the favourites among the audience.

  • The Cell Phone Swap :

An addictive high school drama about young sweet women Keeley, who by chance is said to have gotten her phone exchanged with a star quarterback, who turns out to be a rival of their high school. For almost a week she is stuck to put up with the mind wrecking messages and voicemails of the owner of the phone. 

Though at first, she found him quite infuriating but with time as she gets to know him better, she understands to believe that boy is more than what meets the eye. Though his egoistical comment and sexual references make her blood boil there is a side of him she unintendedly perceives to facilitate which makes her more and more curious and revelling onto the prospect of getting to know what exactly he holds to be as a person. 

With further intake, there will be secrets and plots and twists to be revealed which will further entail the journey of their story together. 

Leading to account for about 122 million reads on its platform with its mind blogging storyline.

  • The Seam Sorceress :

This elusive story is said to be an inspiration from the customs of Appalachian. The story reflects a story about a girl in her perceiving youth days with a delicate personality and an enchanting name to her charismatic aurora, Tilly. This young ambitious woman sets on a venture to make a living for herself, with the forests of the background of a country isolated from the world. 

This book is not your classic cliches of rags to riches baseline, this story structure in actuality embeds the actual realism of hardships and by far telling about Tilly how she proceeds to serve under pressure to make a fortune to sustain her family who is solely dependent on her. 

During this enigmatic drive, she comes across some unexplainable superficial powers which give the inability to drive the existence of a shape-shifting dog, added on the relevance of magic clothes in a trunk, with a magically enchanted sewing kit driving the essence of the story to a unique mixture of fascination among the audience.

  • Dark Ages :

This dark illicit novel ascends around a man, who one day wakes up with the temperance of his past strata. Bounded in a world of a haunting undead, with recollecting dreams of a girl. Which positions him to fight against time and find the girl he is accounted for through this journey. 

This hallucinating undead picturization schemed when an experiment went wrong and somehow the man feels he knows that the antidote to this crisis is linked to a girl in his dreams. 

This chilling yet mind wrecking constitutes the story of this man travelling through time, all while facing his fears to save the world and himself. 

This novel is sure to consume with its accounting timeline and in-depth characterism.

  • Storm and Silence : 

This thrilling historical fiction and novel series is estimated to have eight conjuring volumes. The well-established pilot is said to have received a lot of praise online with about 100 million reads. The story follows around a young stimulating woman named Lilly Linton, an alluding feminist having to said have live in the 19 century in London. 

Who is perceived to be a woman of independence and simultaneous personal standing willing to conquer all the dilemmas of patriarchy and secure her freedom? But you all know nothing comes off easy? So one thing leading to another, causing a drastic turn of events making her fate cross with an intimidating personality belonging to a finance business faculty. 

It is an ultimate take on the classics with its bilateral turns of cultural and ethereal themes.

  • Tempris : 

It is a charming fantasy that is said to be illustrated in an intensively crafted world. A world where humans are devised to the useless mode of existence by an extremely superior and dominant race of mages. 

The story adheres to the story of a young girl named Tally, a human who is said to be living among these mages. But due to certain encounters, she is meddled into the world of magic and towards the path she had never imagined for. 

This facet of realism will connect you with the troubles of Tally and her fellow loved ones, though deemed feasible in a world alone to us. 

The way the author has magnetised the story of similarity and the cascades of the unknown is truly an adorning ability.

This divergence of the extravagance of books available on Wattpad  is truly magnifying for any reader.

Here on Wattpad, a reader is truly gifted with the sonnets of ambience. 

With books revealing around the theme of romance, drama, sci-fi, historic fiction, supernatural and even poetry. True hosting leisure of an online library, with unlimited books for one to read. 

So our fellow readers wait no more and just dive in the pool of books and devise your weekend with a book of your choice that shall install your soul with soothing experiencing million other characters you encounter in your novel rendezvous.

Dont forget to tell us in the comment about your favourite book on Wattpad!

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