6 Delicious Scotch Cocktails You Must Try

Love a good drink? Well, we have a wonderful selection of 6 Delicious Scotch Cocktails You Must Try.

These days we find it quite hard to adhere to the monotonous neat alcohol, isn’t it? Feeling bored with the same old plain alcohol, don’t worry, a cocktail is always a good catch. Though one thing is for sure a cocktail rasps up a dull lethargic day with its requisite elite delicious taste.

Wondering which alcohol can lighten up your insights and fluctuate your senses with pure enigmatic bliss. Then just drink alcohol to elevate your drinking experience and give you a momentary change from the same old surplus drink. 

Don’t just wait to grab a bottle of scotch from your cabinet and get down to some creativity. Though there are a variety of modern classic cocktails famous all over the globe, some classic cocktails, preserved with years of history, accentuate notes of spice, pepper and earthy texture.


For now let’s just get down to- 

  • 6 Delicious Scotch Cocktails
  1. Penicillin Cocktail 

This Cocktail was innovated by Sam Ross in the year 2005 at a renowned bar in New York Milk and Honey. This drink is perceived to be Whiskey sour which is formulated by fusing Scotch and a ginger honey syrup. 

Though the name authenticates to fixate a medical dynamic as the ingredients are played off with herbal curators such as Lemon, ginger and honey. 

This drink gives out a strong intriguing taste but its uniqueness is what makes it so special.

2. Blood and Sand Cocktail 

The drink comprises unique transitional flavours featuring blood orange juice and cherry liqueur. This drink compounds similar elements as Manhattan or Martinez. 

If you are looking for something light and semi-sweet away from the squanders of dark spicy booze.

This drink is sure to make you in love with scotch, who fence out scotch because of its strong flavour. 

This drink first originated in 1930 in the Savoy Cocktail Book. This drink evaluates a blend of blended scotch whisky, cherry brandy, sweet vermouth and blood orange juice.

3. Scotch Sour

Looking for something enlightening then you should try this sweet and crisp tart of nuance. This drink relishes a smoky peaty tang, a perfect whiskey sour to heighten your senses. 

This whiskey rocks with the perfect blend of sourness escalated from bourbon or rye whiskey blend affiliated together with lemon. Which then just needs a shake together in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and viola your drink is ready!

This drink got its name in 1870 for the first time in the cocktail book.

4. Rob Roy Cocktail 

Are you also a scotch lover and a Manhattan lover? Then Roy Roy cocktail will fit your wits. This Manhattan scotch took its name from a premier of operetta, a Scottish folk hero named Rob Roy Mac Gregor. 

This drink was born in the year 1894, one in classical history. It indulges with ingredients of Scotch whiskey, sweet red vermouth, angostura of orange bitters and cocktail cherry. 

This is a retro sipper which has been around for a century now!

5. Rusty Nail

This drink was popularised in the year the 1960s. This is mostly paired with Drambuie, a scotch based liqueur. This drink consists of herbs and sweet notes of Drambuie and honey which assembles a spicy finish to the scotch. 

This is one of the Spirit forward drinks which will surely illuminate your taste. This claims to be one of the classics in the history of cocktails.


6. Godfather Cocktail

For all those who love the movie Godfather this one’s for you.

The Godfather is a two-fixing mixed drink made with Scotch bourbon and amaretto. 

The set of experiences around the beverage is somewhat secretive: nobody realizes who created it. Yet, it became famous in the 1970s when mixed drinks were solid and sweet. 

It’s accepted to be named after the Godfather film with Marlon Brando, which turned out in 1972. Marlon Brando’s person frequently savoured Scotch in the film, the Godfather name could be referring to the expansion of Italian alcohol.

Do these drinks make you wanna try them?

Then what are you waiting for, fetch your scotch bottle and a cocktail shaker and start fixing your favourite drink.

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