Simran Kumar

5 Min Bit With Simran Kumar

“Tarot helped me immensely in coming out of the spiral; I use it today to help others find solutions to their problems”, declares Simran.

A Tarot reader and a holistic life coach, Simran Kumar is a guide to spiritual growth and wellness through uplifting practices. Simran has earned the reputation as the best tarot card reader on Instagram from her clients for her expertise of over 8 years reading Tarot cards. Apart from this, she has delivered motivational talks to prestigious multinational corporations like PWC and Ernst & Young. Discover Simran’s journey from lows to soaring highs as well as her skilful tarot readings in this short interview with Storiyaan.

Simran Kaur

5 Min Bit With Simran Kumar


Questions and answers

How Tarot cards can help someone when they are facing rough patches in their life and are uncertain about some decisions?

With Tarot, you are given a higher perspective, one that puts a focus on what is affecting you, showing you what is not working for you and how to fix it. Consequently, a person experiencing a rough path can assess their situation accurately and

You went through serious health issues and well financial crises, what were your strategies to deal with them and keep a positive outlook?

There was no strategy, since life is full of trying times as it comes, but if you embrace them with a Positive outlook, it becomes much easier. However, through my struggles, I have learnt that one should not ruin their present by pondering over the future or the past. Do your best, and have faith in yourself and the Almighty as things will eventually work out for the best.

Tell us the story which led to the foundation of “Kaliraang”?

To get through difficult times, I needed constant guidance, positivity, motivation, answers about the future, and solutions to change my circumstances. Having used all my skills and knowledge to help myself and my family pull through the adversity, I wanted to help others. Once I succeeded, I became motivated to help others.This led to the foundation of “Kaliraang”.

Could Tarot cards be used as a counselling technique to advise people having any life crisis?

Yes, Tarot cards can offer answers to your questions about why you are experiencing certain problems, which helps you understand the root problem and ultimately work on it. Each blockage, no matter what it may be, has a reason and can be remedied. I have helped a number of clients who have struggled with depression, financial issues, grief, relationships, marital issues, etc. through tarot sessions. 

How did you build the trust of your clients so that they start believing you as it is an important part of Tarot card reading?

To build trust, you have to be authentic. If you do real work the people can see and feel the change in their lives after the session which demonstrates how effective is it.This is done by tapping into their energy field and providing them with the best possible solutions, guidance and remedies for their issues. The most effective way to build trust and faith is to stay true to your work.

You have delivered Motivational Sessions to MNCs such as PWC and Ernst and Young. Can you tell us what motivates you to undertake such sessions and how do they inspire you in the process?

Taking such sessions enabled me to spread the light across thousands of people at once. The impact of such sessions can be life altering for many as it is designed to deepen one’s understanding of life. Having depth is important in life, and that is precisely what I strive to deliver by being a speaker, since the goal is to awaken mankind to their most authentic selves.

What is the one mantra in your life that helps you to bounce back and take control of your life in the hard times?

One of the mantras that helps me bounce back is believing that things will improve and that nothing lasts forever, not even bad times.I kept my faith intact in the higher powers and always believed that I will be taken care of. When things are out of control, surrender to the divine and join the flow of life, stay hopeful and optimistic and with that kind of an attitude, you will be carried forward in life with grace.

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