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5 Min Bit With Pooja Arora

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“It is truly okay to not to be okay and the sooner you accept it, the faster you can overcome it.”, elucidates Pooja.

Pooja Arora is a Qualified Psychological Counselor and Lifestyle Coach who is helping others understand and overcome the problems of anxiety, anger and ADHD. She not only aids you in problem-solving but also assists you to take care of your mind while simultaneously helping you grow and develop your lifestyle. Besides, her programs are completely personalized according to your needs with hands-on help and guidance. Read further to know more about her programs, therapy and much more in this insightful conversation with Storiyaan.

Pooja Arora

5 Min Bit With Pooja Arora


Questions and answers

Can you tell us a bit about what role a coach plays in shaping people’s perspective on life?

A coach is a person who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfilment. It is not only about improving your health but also relationships, careers, and overcoming day-to-day hurdles. As a psychologist, I find “Talk Therapy” most efficient in helping my clients for not only addressing their problems but also understanding the causes and getting to the root of it.

Can elucidate the time when you faced hurdles in your journey and wished to have a life coach?

When I started my career, right after I completed my Diploma in Counseling, I was faced with a lot of adversaries – it was a lot to take in, being suddenly thrown into the real world. That was when I wished I had someone to share or vent out or someone to untangle my thoughts and guide me towards a positive direction.

What are the services “MindCare” assures to provide to their clients?

To take care of your mind while helping you grow and develop your lifestyle, Mindcare curates a personalized program that will focus on your needs and situations. Helping you with Talk Therapy is what I find to be the most effective and Mindcare aims to change your life for the better.

What are some of the most meaningful goals that your coaching has allowed clients to actualize?

One of the most meaningful goals that I help my clients actualize is that your mind is as important as your body. The thing that precedes our behavior is a thought, and we sometimes aren’t good at getting in touch with our thoughts. Once we do, we can consciously keep our mind as well as body in good form.

You are a psychological counsellor who is helping people overcome their anxieties, anger and ADHD. What are your ways to get rid of these issues and engage clients in goal-setting?

Working with people in making them consciously aware of their issues would be the first step. Progressing towards finding the root cause and in turn, solutions help them change their lifestyle for the better. It all boils down to what you are comfortable with and how you would like to overcome your obstacles.

How does client feedback affect you?

Receiving feedbacks and hearing about how we helped them in their journey instantly gives me a sense of content and fulfilment. It always encourages and makes me eager to help as many people as possible.

(One such feedback)

“I’m so glad to have started sessions with you again. Every session has helped me become a better person than who I was in the past 5 years. I am blessed to have your guidance in my life. Thank you for shaping my life and clearing my entangled thoughts. Your patience is incredible!”

What is the procedure of reaching out to you to seek therapy and guidance under “Mindcare”?

You can directly reach out to us on +91 98300 89742. Along with that, we are also available on Instagram – and Facebook – @mindcarebypoojaarora

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