Ishita Hyundia

5 Min Bit With Ishita Hundia

Ishita Hundia is a Reiki Grandmaster and NLP Trainer whose assured guidance makes you not only heal yourself but also gets you empowered at the same time. With the help of Reiki, she found her voice and discovered a more confident and passionate Ishita. Becoming the ray of hope for her countless happy clients, Ishita is also a Law of Attraction Coach and a Wellness Coach who is determined to help you find results.

“With every pain comes a moment of pleasure,” remarks Ishita.

Read Ishita’s quick interview with Storiyaan to know how she turned herself from an under-confident girl to a Public Speaker.

Ishita Hyundia
Ishita Hyundia
Ishita Hyundia

5 Min Bit With Ishita Hundia


Questions and answers

What inclined you to pursue Reiki over other forms of spiritual healing?

Reiki is a light energy; therefore you can heal everyone using it. Moreover, it is a touch therapy – all you need is your hands to allow abundance to flow. Therefore, I decided to pursue Reiki.

What are some of the personal benefits that you have reaped from the practice of Reiki?

Plenty if I can say so. Reiki helped me be optimistic which enhanced my confidence and my way of speaking. It has contributed greatly to my memory power – now I am a confident public speaker. Moreover, I have started to love myself, care for myself and understand others better through the power of Reiki. Precisely, it has changed my life.

When you initially started, what were some of the major developments you noticed?

Initially, when I started, I could feel my trauma and vulnerabilities resurface. However, Reiki helped me understand and deal with them as it made me a stronger person. Eventually, I came out of those situations all thanks to Reiki.

In your journey towards spirituality, what/who has been your greatest driving force?

My greatest driving force has been my ability to withstand pain. My journey made me heal myself before becoming a healer. Therefore, I had to feel the pain to help the world know how they can release that pain.

Can you brief our readers on the work of a Consumer Insights Specialist and when they can seek their help?

Brands are driven by the perceived value we attach to them. And a consumer associates human qualities and colours to brands. A Consumer Insights Specialist helps a brand identify such qualities and colours so that a brand can communicate strategic value.

You mentioned that you are driven with the vision to empower individuals and companies in their journey to find their unique “I”. Can you elaborate a bit on this?

We are all unique but all of us aren’t aware of our authentic selves which make us so. We at “Inscribed” help you find a strategic but also creative approach by connecting the dots and guiding you to understand who you are on a deeper level. Additionally, we also have this facility for brands to discover their true motives.

What can people expect from your 1:1 healing sessions?

In my opinion, a person can expect to heal themselves, become more confident individuals. But most importantly, through the sessions, everyone will eventually empower themselves. 

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