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281 Doctors Ask For Permission to Suicide from CM Thackeray

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In Maharashtra, almost 281 doctors have written a letter addressing the chief minister. According to the reports given by TV9 Marathi, the letter primarily includes an attempt to seek the chief minister’s permission. The doctors are asking CM Uddhav Thackeray’s permission to commit suicide.

A Plea of Equality for Doctors

The media reports confirm that 281 Ayurvedic doctors sent a letter to the Maharashtra CM. It is because of the neglected treatment of their demands. The state government is not willing to fulfil the promises done before. In addition to that, the concerned matter is being attended to by utter disrespect from the authorities.

This news has sent shock waves across the country. At a time when the whole world is reeling under covid, such attitude towards doctors is despicable. The BAMS doctors have shown distress about the continuous posting in the inaccessible areas. Since some have spent two decades in tribal areas, they are still waiting for relief from the government. According to them, the BAMS doctors are serving in 18 tribal districts without any incentives. Moreover, in the backward areas, these frontline warriors have been treating natives. They treat the people for minor diseases, poisonous bites and malnourishment.

Government’s Failed Promises

In a conscience piercing incident, Ayurvedic doctor Swapnil Lonkar committed suicide after he was denied posting. Most importantly, Swapnil Lonkar had successfully passed the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC) examination. The letter has come days after this unfortunate incident.  It is important to note that the state government has allotted special allowances to police and other government officials who serve in Naxalite areas. On the other hand, the same allowances do not apply to doctors. Therefore, they are working in these conditions for a monthly salary of just 24,000 Rupees.

It was indicated by the government that the salary of these doctors would be increased to 40,000. However, the ground reality is different. This is just another example of failed promises and hollow claims by the ‘people’s representatives’.

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