10 Most Iconic Eco-Friendly Ganeshas Ever Made

With Ganesh Chaturthi just around the corner, you must be cleaning your homes and selecting your dresses for ganesh puja. For you we have specially curated a list of 6 most eyeconic eco-friendly Ganesha ever made to help you out. 

It is time to bring ganesh ji home with chants of bappa morya. While this time the celebrations will be a little subdued due to the ongoing pandemic, we don’t want you to feel bad at Ganesh Chaturthi. 

You can have a tight-knit Ganesh Chaturthi get-together while following the covid-19 restrictions. This year, we want you to do something a little different. 

How about celebrating Ganesh  puja with eco-friendly Ganesha idols?


10 Most Iconic Eco-Friendly Ganeshas Ever Made

Let’s take a look at it- 

  • Chocolate Ganesha idol

Not gonna lie, this does sound exciting, right? 

How about you get a brand-new chocolate ganesha idol for this Ganesh Chaturthi and give everyone a sweet little surprise? 

The best thing about getting a chocolate ganesha idol is everyone loves chocolate so it’s never going to get wasted. Also, people coming to your house will leave with a bigger smile because chocolate never fails to make people happy. 

The chocolate can be distributed among children from the locality during visarjan. 

With a chocolate ganesha idol, you’re all set for a nice, sweet,cozy, and zero waste Ganesh Chaturthi.

  • DIY clay ganesha 

It’s almost a trend nowadays to make your own ganesha idol. It saves a ton of money that can be spent on other useful ventures like buying a treat for your househelp and their family. 

There are a ton of videos and blogs that provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make ganesha idol out of clay on your own. 

A DIY ganesha idol can add the much needed glow to your house. 

If you’re on board with this idea, get ready to receive a barrage of compliments, though. You sure are going to be showered with compliments for your efforts. 

  • Ganesha Idol from Soil, Fertilizer, and Seed

Plant-a-Ganesha became quite a rage a few years back. Made using red soil, fertilizers,and tulsi or lady finger seeds, this idol is watered (instead of immersing it) at the end of the 10-day festival, so that it dissolves in the soil beneath.

The result is the birth of a nice little plant. If you’re not very particular about the visarjan and want to try out some eco-friendly ideas, we will definitely suggest going with this one. 

This is such a beautiful option especially for people who love gardening. 

What can be better than a ganesha idol that transforms into a plant

  • Ganesha idol from newspaper 

If you, like us, don’t know what to do with newspapers, this option may interest you. 

You can easily try out this method at home. There are Ganesha cutouts available in the market that can help you with it. You can dip the newspaper in water and then use it to structure your idol. 

It’s a completely eco-friendly, xero-waste method which will not only save your money but also the environment! 

  • Play Dough Ganesha 

As a child, you must have loved playing with dough or children friendly clay. Who knew we could make Ganesha idol out of it. 

Buy some play dough, get your hands moving, and channel that childhood competitive energy. 

It’s pretty easy to make your own Ganesha idol this way. You can use different colours of clay to make it more attractive. You can also use some decorations to make the idol stick out from the rest. 

  • Ganesh Idol with Paper Mache 

You must have encountered paper mache during your craft lessons at school. 

Trust us, it isn’t as messy as it looks. And the end product is very beautiful. 

Use the paper mache to make different parts of the ideal, let them dry for two days. Then, paint and decorate them with your favourite colour!

  • Ganesh idol made out of biodegradable waste

Tejukya Ganesh Mandal used biodegradable materials like paper, bamboo, mud, etc to make a 22-feet tall Ganesh Idol. The idol took more than a year and a half to be completed. It’s a joint effort of a lot of people. 

The best thing about this idol is that it will just take 45 minutes to completely dissolve into water and it won’t leave behind any waste materials. 

  • Beans Ganpati 

This is one of the quirkiest eco-friendly ganpati ideas out of the whole list. Shri Sai Darshan Mitra Mandal came up with this idea of making a Ganpati idea from beans.

It takes a lot of time to finish the idol. Every little corner is covered with beans. 

Also, all of the beans are in perfect alignment with each other. 

It requires hard work and immense attention-to-detail to make this Ganpati idol but the end result is beautiful. 

  • Ganesh Idol made from crayons 

Ganesh Idol made from crayons will remind you of your childhood. It looks beautiful with bright, cheerful colours. 

With a pop of nostalgia, this ganesh idol will look extremely beautiful. It will be loved by kids and adults alike! 

  • Snow Ganpati Idol 

This idol is completely made out of natural snow. Sounds impossible, right? But it is true. 

This idol is preserved at -10 degrees celsius and is made out of 500 kg snow. It does sound and look like something out of a dream. 

Perhaps the most incredible Ganpati idol in our lise!

Ganesh Chaturthi is a fun-filled festival of happiness and laughter. We don’t want you to feel sad due to the environmental aspect attached to it. 

You can enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi with the same enthusiasm and joy by making some conscious choices. 

Shifting from a non-environment friendly to an eco-friendly Ganesh idol makes a huge difference. 

We hope you liked some of the aforementioned. Remember that it’s never too late to make a good choice!

And don’t forget to share your favourite Eco-friendly ganesha idol in the comments section.  

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